Healing Chenta

note: i dedicate this post to a dear friend of mine, may Allah Ease your way. insyaAllah :)

~it is terrible. that's why His Love is the only thing that lasts, because Death can't touch it.~


Streams of wedding invitations filled facebook. Love is definitely in the air for so many, heading for a new journey together. and you can't help but be happy for them. but in the midst of all these, there are still those around you whose Love hurts them instead.

maybe i don't understand the feelings involved anymore, so i can only watch the tears. listening intently, yet not being able to make them feel any better. even if i'm saying things like "sabar" or "tak apa. ni ujian."; somehow even to me, those answers aren't enough.


but during the summer trip, i've had the chance to put my hands on novels from one of my favorite authors, Habiburrahman El-Shirazy. and i found something that i thought is worth sharing to my dear friend and everybody else who're in the same boat;

"Cinta sejati itu menyembuhkan,
tidak menyakitkan."
-from novel Ketika Cinta Bertasbih-

it summarizes all. when the love that we all think we have (before nikah), is actually painful for us to bear, is testing our patience, is causing us anger or jealousy, is tearing us up inside, or however awful we choose to describe it; it goes to show that we have taken the wrong step.

before i blab on further, i'd like to clarify that cinta itself is not wrong. it's just those subtle feelings you have for another. some fitrah that Allah gave us as a nikmat as well as a test on how good we are in handling them. because there's really a fine thin line, between a Love as Allah's gift, or Love coming from nafsu and syahwat. what's haram is not Love, what's haram is how we deal with it; the unnecessary phonecalls, unnecessary gifts, unnecessary dates, unnecessary ai-la-bi-yu-la-bi-ai etc. =,=''

when Love hurts, i believe it's time to look back at what have we done wrong in the whole process. because Love itself is Allah's to give. so when He does take it away, or makes things hard for you, there must be a reason to it. yes, it may be a test for us, but more often than not, it's because He's reminding us of the things that we have done wrong. so take a minute, and talk to Him, pray to Him, and ask Him for Guidance instead. 

here's an excerpt that i love in the book, it's quite self explanatory. but i'll try to simplify it a bit:

"Kerana hati kau miskin cinta dan rindu pada Allah,
jadinya kau dijajah oleh cinta dan rindu pada yang lain.
itulah yang membuatmu terseksa."

"Mencintai makhluk itu sangat berpeluang menemui kehilangan.
Kebersamaan bersama makhluk juga berpeluang mengalami perpisahan.
Cinta terhadap seseorang mungkin ditolak atau diterima.
Jika ditolak, pasti sakit rasanya."

"Tetapi mencintai Allah pasti diterima.
pasti tidak akan pernah merasai kehilangan.
Tak akan ada yang merebut Allah dari hatimu.
Tak akan ada yang merampas Allah dari hatimu."


i was smiling from ear to ear when i was reading this. which i believe somehow explains the misery that others are feeling when it involves Love. i might be under the spell of the book, and not quite in reality, but i can't help but think this is the real thing. it's not that easy to apply it in reality, but if we can, i think we'd be the happiest person in the whole world. why? just because;

"Cinta yang membahagiakan dan menyembuhkan
adalah cinta kepada Allah 'Azza wa Jalla."

i'm no Dr Love. i'm merely someone who's still developing my beliefs. and i choose to believe in this. because it's the only way to keep us safe, from cinta dunia, and especially from cinta manusia. and to you dearest friend, i hope with constant prayers, you'll believe in this too. insyaAllah :)


ps: yes, i hereby admit that this book was the talk of the town years back. and as always, i'm a late-bloomer, who always go crazy for things that people have forgotten about. and yes, i suggest everyone to read this book. if you already have, read them again. you learn so much more. and no, it's not all about love. =,=''

pps:  i'm not into their movies. =,='' tak cukup kick. heheh :)


Sher said...

I found this in a bookmark when i was a student: `Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince' ;)

ps/ welcome home! no visit to kmb?..

izyan.ariff said...

@miss shereen :)

hehehe :)
you should tell the students earlier on teacher. jimat the tears later on. pening nk pujuk.heee~

ps: aa~ have to work hard to travel out of kelate. haih~ parents are making sad faces whenever i make suggestions of going out.hadoy :)

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