Uncle Taxi


the day we came back home to Kelantan, the flight was delayed, so we left KLIA an hour later than the scheduled time.  so not to burden anyone back home, we took a cab back. when the cab came, a little girl came out of it, heading into the airport building. she was about 12 years old, small skinny and specky. (looks like me when i was little. heh)

but after stuffing the huge bags into the back of the cab, i've forgotten all about the girl. i was taking in the sight of Kelate at night; the shops, the people, the pokok-pokok kelapa (coconut trees); when Abah broke off the silence and talked to Uncle Taxi.

the conversation lead to the girl i saw just now. it turns out she was his daughter, only coming back from her night class (kelas tambahan kot) at school. i felt a little tug in my heart. an insight of another's life. a little girl, who has to wait after class, for her dad to work, before going back home. and it was already 10pm. i looked at my sister. and remembered my own days when i was in school. when we were picked up from school, from night classes etc. every single day. no waiting whatsoever. astaghfirullah; for the things taken for granted. =,=''

then Uncle Taxi added "tok ghok nak hantar tuisyen." (read: i can't afford to send her to tuition). okay, the tug somehow becomes a kick now. i was caught off-guard, listening to that sentence. Abah managed to give him some comforting words which i didn't register. 

silence again.

abah broke it off again. asking about his other children. but his answers calmed me down this time. the first one is in Australia, same age as me. the second one is waiting to head off to New Zealand. and the others are all in school.


somehow that was the word that came first in my head. i was composed enough to chimed in the conversation. asking about their schools etc. and i found out i had one thing in common with his son: we left our boarding schools in Form 1. *heh*

we said our goodbyes and salam. later on, i found out mama and abah felt the exact same thing like i did. :)


Barakah; blessings from Allah.
it was only a 15 minutes drive,
but you reminded me so much of His Blessings.
so thank you Uncle Taxi.

may Allah Bless you and your family.
may Allah Bless me and my family.
may Allah bless everyone and their family.
Aamiin ya Rabb.

"When Allah Closes one door, He Opens another. "
insyaAllah :)

random note:
did you know that tawadhu' is the opposite to takabbur?
and that when one feels he is tawadhu', he's actually takabbur.
astaghfirullah. =,=''


Inche gabbana said...

Pendek dan manis. Cukup bermakna. *clap clap clap*

Ambo oghe kelate gak. Fifty persen ah tapi. Hihihi.. Lamo doh dok kelik. ;(

izyan.ariff said...

@inche gabbana:

jazakallah. and all praises go back to Him. :)

boleh kelik kelate slow2. lawat kwn2. ^^,

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