Sabrun Jameel


these two words crept out of me a number of times when i was travelling back home to Malaysia a few weeks back. just randomly to ease some tense situations we were in. but i always thought it meant "sabar itu cantik". turns out it's not.

"What is it, and what is the difference between it and the common sabr?
The Ulamaa say that the Sabr al-Jameel,
is that which does not contain complaint or grumble.
So the person is patient without complaining."
-source: here-

فَصَبۡرٌ۬ جَمِيلٌ۬
Maka kesabaran yang baik itulah [kesabaranku].
[Yusuf: 18 & 83]


we took a cab that morning for our ride to Dublin Airport. none of us had any cash with us. there was no choice, we just have to carry on. we planned: nearing the airport, we'd tell the taxi driver with very googly eyes that we don't have any cash with us, to say sorry countless times if he's annoyed, and ask him to wait a bit while Pika would run into the building cause she knows exactly where the ATM machine is. and me and Shira (Pika's sister) would stall the driver and grab our bag slowly, to kill time with the whole taking-the-bags-out. well that was the plan.

and what really did happened was;
we told him, which he unexpectedly answered: "Yup, no problem girls" with his most Irish accent. and Pika ran out into the building. but the taxi driver took out all the heavy bags rather swiftly and quickly. and so it was a slightly long wait. but what amazes me was; the taxi driver showed no signs of being bothered at all. he went inside his cab for a while. read the newspaper. then cleaned the taxi up a bit. went to a bin quite far away to throw away all the rubbish. and walked back calmly as Pika made her way back. we apologized again, and i left with a huge smile on my heart.

Abu Dhabi.
so we had our transit here. 7 hours of waiting. and finally at 2 a.m, the gate was opened. we were lining up in a rather short queue; when suddenly a Pak Arab came with 4 jubah-clad ladies with niqab. and they just skipped the queue, suddenly going to the front of us. we were too happy to go home that we didn't even bothered about them really. but, now that i think of it again, i can't help but wonder "why did they do it?. *sigh*

we reached KLIA. as the plane landed, supposedly we are not allowed to even leave our seats yet. so i think one of the Arabs did, as the stewardess up front were saying "excuse me sir, you have to sit down." but guess what happened? most of them stood up and even walked down the aisle, and pretended to not listen to the stewardess who was just right beside them. i was too embarrassed to even look. i just wish non-Muslims in the flight aren't there, but i know it's just wishful thinking. plain rude. all respect lost.

and Malaysia?
definitely less so than the Arabs i met. but not quiet there yet like the Irish.


and thus the questions; 
why is it so hard for us to be patient (sabar)
when we have al-Quran in our hands?
and why is it non-believers are able to be patient (sabar)
when they don't even have True Faith?

and that's just the common Sabr.
not yet Sabrun Jameel.
where Sabar is not just in the actions, but in the suppressed words; the calm Heart.

to me, i believe that sabar is tranquility. it saves so much energy really.
i end this post with a prayer; 
may He grant us all Sabrun Jameel;
Aamiin ya Rabb.

ps: and yes.
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.
InsyaAllah. :)

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