Just Another Traveler?

note: i've been aching to write about some things that have been bugging me this past week. so bear with me readers. =,='' but more than anything, i hope that my writings benefit. Aamiin :)


nobody can deny that the best perks of studying abroad, is that you are able to travel to places that many people dreamed of. London, Paris, Spain, Rome, Vienna etc; you can name them all. i've had my fair share of travelling done too, alhamdulillah. yes, it's one of those nikmat Allah had given us. but as much as it is a nikmat, i remind myself and everyone else out there that we all have questions that will need some answering to; for all those exultant travels we made.

where did we go?
who went with us?
what did we do?
and why did we do it?
and trails of never ending questions.
which can all be answered well, if our nawaitu (intention) is correct.
*sigh. semoga Allah memudahkan urusan hisab kita*


anyhow. that's not my point for this post. :)

ever since we were small, we were always told that when we are travelling (after certain distances), we are then considered as musafir. because apparently only then are we warranted to perform our jamak prayers. and later on, when i came abroad, once people heard the word musafir, there would always be an abrupt reply like this;

"ouh nak travel?? doakaaan~~
doa musafir kan makbul."

almost always. and because of that, i've grown to believe that yes, when we travel, our prayers will be answered; until now. think of it, if i were to travel to Las Vegas and head to the casinos, would my prayers be answered? or if i went travelling with Mr Boyfie (naudzubillah), would i be called a musafir?

and thus, my belief has somewhat changed. in my opinion now, for one to gain that title, is actually not that easy. your intention, your acts, your words, and every little thing that you do during those travels, define you as a musafir or not. but alhamdulillah, one thing i learnt from my latest summer trip is that;

the more you question things,
the more you think about it.

and the more you think about it,
the more prudent you are with everything that you do.

so, alhamdulillah. we were pointing out to one another, time and time again, to renew our intentions, with the hope that we gained the title of musafir. for example when we find ourselves in the midst of exposed skins under the burning Sun, and everybody is staring and wondering how do these four girls stand the heat? or when people literally took pictures of us when we were resting under the tree shade (im guessing they couldn't contain their curiosity no more). or even when the whole coach stares at us in the train for the whole trip.

we prayed in those moments, that our existence sparked the little curiosity and fitrah within them,  to find out what Islam is, and in finding Our Creator. well, a girl can always dream big, right? insyaAllah. 

maybe only then,
our summer trip would define us as either a true Musafir,
or just another Traveler.
(and hopefully He Grant us our prayers. kofkof* especially the special ones *kofkof*)


Summer Trip 2012

Day 1: Hradec Kralove, Checz Republic.

Day 2: Prague

Day 3: Vienna

Day 4: Budapest

as always,
Alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal. 

ps: off back home to Malaysia. doakan :)


Natasha Ting said...

welcome back to Malaysia. :)


Atiqah Zainal said...

and hopefully He grant us our prayers..especially the special ones :)

yannn :)

izyan.ariff said...


thank you dear ;)
and thank you for the visit!~

hehe~ :)
text me whwnever ur free dear :)

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