Post It


we worry of those whom we haven't talked to for so long.
we worry of those whom we haven't met for so long.

diorang kecik hati ke?
diorang sedih ke?

we wonder to ourselves,
have we not taken a good care of our silaturrahim (relationships) with others?

the truth is, we won't ever be able to take care of all the relationships that we have.
be it with the close ones, or even ones that we have just met.

but the beautiful thing here is,
when we do remember them,
we are always able to make do'a for them.

without having to post them gifts.
or give them well-wishes.
or post things on their wall.
or poke them on facebook.

make do'a for whoever comes to mind,
and post it to Him.
He Takes Care of the rest.

beautiful kan?
i think so too.

words of wisdom for the day;
Jaga hubungan dengan Allah,
nescaya terjaga hubungan dengan Manusia.

(sorry i don't know if this is a hadith or not)

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