What Are We Doing?

UCD 2014 Malaysian-Singaporean batch insyaAllah. *some are missing though*

yesterday, most of my Malaysian-Singaporean batch went to eat together. somewhat a gathering after everyone finally finished the 3-day examination. i was the only one who had an exam on the first day. :) which explains this post.

so we head out to Warung Kita. a famous small Malaysian-restaurant here in Dublin. we talked about the exams, the answers we blurted out, the scary/nice consultants, the summer plans, our hospitals next semester etc. but one thing for sure, you could smell the fresh air of relief all around. 

as we were chatting, i could sense that we were all reprieved from all the pressure we have built up before. serious susah exam ni. but apparently it's only our first long case examination. and soon we will be heading for our 4th year insyaAllah, with many more long case examinations tagging along-side. =,=''

subhanallah, how time flies. i remembered coming to Dublin and seeing 4th year sisters, and they looked so matured, intelligent and cool and everything! and now that we are almost there, i have yet to find that matured+intelligent+cool combo within me ...=,=''

and the 4th year is supposed to be the most challenging year of all for a medical student. and then i thought about the 5th year, which is also a really scary period; when you're just a few steps away from being let out into the wild to mend the sick beings. 

but even after a medical degree, the scourge won't stop there. i've bumped into so many articles about this very special field. of how it's a never-ending learning process. you thought your exams are excruciating now, but you will have thousands more coming even after getting that medical Degree scroll. c'est la vie.

and the fact that you're like slaves at times. you thought people have high respect for you, to only realize that most of them hate the very sight of you. that you're expected to be a very good doctor, foolproof at all times, despite having slept for only 3 hours in 2 days. 

and at the same time, you're expected to be a good loving husband/wife, mother/father, a good friend, and most importantly a good Muslim/Muslimah; i seriously wonder how does one juggle all these?

sometimes when us girls sit down and talk, we do wonder what have we gotten ourselves into? aren't we supposed to be the motherly mother; who sits at home, being pretty for the hubby, raising the kids, jahit baju, lipat kain, masak sedap. well, you get the gist. 

why did we choose a life that is scary? why did we choose something that might take its toll on us? why did we choose a field, that scares most, if not all, guys? *nak jugak sebut yang ni. yelah, siapa nak isteri on-call. siapa nak isteri takde kat rumah. siapa nak isteri balik-balik menangis? 

looking from that perspective, things do seem to not be on our side of the bargain.

but then, the fact remains that we are already in this. and what's the point of looking at a glass half empty, when it is actually half full?

because no matter how bad things seem to be directing to, i can't deny that with the right intentions (niat Lillahi Taala), this job brings you close to Him. when people are sick, they are usually scared and desperate. and when they are desperate, they would usually cling on someone they trust. and if it is the Doctors who they are clinging onto, wouldn't it be the best of time to remind them that, Allah s.w.t is the One that we all should cling on to?

and what about the never-ending learning process that a doctor should face? the constant exams even if you're already in the work field. Haven't we heard of the hadith:

Seseorang yang keluar dari rumahnya untuk menuntut ilmu 
niscaya Allah akan mudahkan baginya jalan menuju Syurga 
(Shahih Al jami)

and last and the very least concern of all, is that we constantly hear nobody wants a wifey-doctor. but that's something that doesn't warrant a space in our thoughts. because Allah All Mighty chooses which Muslim for another Muslimah. that's what jodoh is. one will definitely complete the other with His Will. one will definitely understands the other with His Will. doctor or not. :)

so we're back to question one: 
What are we actually doing?

the answer is rather simple:
we are all just seeking His Redha.
albeit the rather complicated and challenging path. 

so, all iz well.
all iz well. :)

ps: and who says that being a doctor deter you from being the best of spouse/parents/friends?
Allah kan ada. He'll Guide as long as we make the effort. :)

semoga Allah permudahkan.
Aamiin. :)


ateyyyy said...

In 15 days, gonna start my 1st year of medicine. huuu.

long journey to go.
but insyaAllah Dia ada :)

izyan.ariff said...


adoy. i hope none of my posts deter ur spirit dear! =,='
pray much, believe in Him,
and u'll b doing just fine insyaAllah :)

and yes, Dia always ade ;)
good luck!

Sher said...

Love this post! :) Got a long response here.. :
I always say that student life is one phase you'll always miss. What more life as a medical student, which I'm sure you're gaining a lot from. And yes, once you're `out there' things will be much much different and challenging as you put things to practice. Yet I have faith that you'll be just fine, with Allah's guidance, InsyaAllah. Because you'll be doing what you love and doing it for Him.. Keep on striving dear! :)

izyan.ariff said...

miss shereen :)

jazakillah teacher :') hearing words of encouragement from a beloved *and very much missed* teacher cant be described with words.
Aamiin~ i take everything u said as doa iA :)

will keep on striving! and keep on posting teacher! heheh~ u shud noe by now that u have a lot of stalker-ish students!

ps: have a slight twist in the tummy everytime i see u leave a comment. wondering how many grammatical errors and vocabs i've missed.hehehehe~~

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