بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

"do you believe in psychology?"
a friend of mine was asked this question when she was with her team.

yes everyone,
i am currently doing my Psychiatry rotation,
for the last few weeks of my 4th year in Medicine, Alhamdulillah :)

we were at the kitchen table, discussing the things we had for the day; whatever was thrown our way, be it questions from consultants, interesting patients, interesting cases.

back to the question, so it was a rather interesting one i'd say. asking if we actually believe in such a thing called psychotherapy. psychology; what is it actually? Mr Wiki defines it as study of mental changes and behaviour. so how far do we believe that there is such a thing as a therapy for the mind? if we were to go through the list of mental problems, there would be associated therapies that can be offered, ranging from the usual consultations, to taking drugs and to having wires attached to your brain.

so again, do we believe in such a thing called psychology?


and interestingly my friend answered no; she doesn't believe in this. 
"that's why Islam taught us about moderation in the Quran and Sunnah."
that was her answer. no worries people, i believe we are all entitled to our own opinions. 
and so long one's opinion does not contradict Allah's Words, 
i think we should all welcome differing opinions. ngeee~


somewhat i believe that her answer is true. seems like to a certain extent, all this mental issues  boils down to the fact that we might have slipped outside of the boundaries of moderation. yes, we can be sad. but letting ourselves be too sad may lead to depression. yes, we can be happy. but letting ourselves be too happy leads to mania. yes we can be both happy and sad, but being in the extremes will then lead to bipolar. seems simple enough. but truth is, these things happened in a much more complex way, and it definitely does not take a day or two.

but the concept of moderation that Islam taught us is definitely something that we should keep in mind. because it's through moderation that Allah reminds us to be in control of whatever that happens in our lives, be it a happy or a sad occasion. Quran and Sunnah taught us to keep Dunya in our hands and Hereafter in our Hearts, because more often that we hoped for, Dunya always takes something away from us.

but saying all these doesn't mean that for those who have problems are at fault. 
"awak yang lebih-lebih, sebab tu awak sakit." 
oh no. 

again, these psychiatric problems doesn't happen in a day or two, and it certainly doesn't happen because of a single trigger, but a whole bunch of them; neglect in family, too much stress at school, friends who are not really friends, not having enough to survive the day, well the list goes on. often enough, we easily come to conclusions without trying to put ourselves in their shoes. say i saw some boys who do not perform solat and they were playing cards all throughout the day. while we'd often easily give the good-old-sigh... "budak-budak zaman sekarang~~", but in actual fact they have been brought up in a home where all they care about is "kais pagi makan pagi", along with parents who do not perform the daily prayer themselves, not to mention having left school at Standard 6 with limited exposure to ad-Deen. now, who is to be blamed here? *huhu*

so anyhow, back to our point, i am not saying that those who have these disorders are just because they have stepped out of the boundaries of moderation. i'm sure with all my heart that they too wondered at how things have gotten out of their grasps. but do not worry, having lost it once does not mean you will lose it again, it all comes back to how willing you are to fight through this ordeal, fight through your emotions, fight through your own thoughts; fight, till you are able to step back into the safe circle of moderation. it might be a harder path for those with these fluctuating disorders, but that should not be a hindering factor, since the harder it is, the greater the bounty is for sure, and Allah is ever the Watchful.

okay, truth is, i don't know what i am trying to explain here but i just did. it's been quite interesting for me lately to see things that are definitely unfamiliar to me. and to be able to listen to stories of people that you can only hear of in the movies. you thought that they exaggerated but truth is, they exist and it's definitely not an easy path to be in; just the more reason for us to be thankful isn't it?



ps: medicine is truly awesome. 
doakan kami :)


Sher said...

Agree with what you wrote. Interestingly this year alone I have been exposed to the issue of the mind, stress, psychotherapy.. etc. Being in the education line it helps to know of these things.

I could write a long comment to share with you what I've learnt but I'll try and make it short.

I've learnt that even children can suffer from depression and that in some parts of the world they don't deal with it well. (a cousin of mine told me of a girl in Pahang who jumped from a building after knowing of her parents' divorce..)

Children should know it is ok to feel sad, angry, upset, but children should also be taught how to deal with those feelings..

And the one thing that will help them is to seek Allah's guidance and to have the right guidance from parents too, and even teachers.

There are a lot of techniques that can help and InsyaAllah if we try to deal with it, Allah will help us. But try we must first.

It's scary sometimes to hear of what young kids are dealing with at a tender age.. Adults are no exception too..

Ok so well that was long! Haha.. sorry Yan. Bila la nak jumpa dengan you ye.. It's been too too long. Dtgla rumah when you're in KL! Take care dear.

izyan.ariff said...

dearest Miss Shereen :)

sigh. i bet you have much stories to share with regards to this.

somehow i'm imagining you talking in the small room we used to watch clips with the class. hehe.

yup teacher, it's been too long which im all to be blamed. dah 4 tahun already but it feels as if baru je habis IB.

insyaAllah ill try to be more independent next time i am in KL so that i can go see you. (bila gi KL i realllllyyy dont know how to find my way around the town. ended up following people around. sobs~)

miss you teacher!
ps: much hugs to ur cute daughterrrr~~ngehee

hawariyyun said...

assalamu'alaikum wbt..

firstly sorry for the uninvited reply..

in your entry, there is a picture of a woman with her aurat being exposed.. although she is not reverted to muslim yet, but n my opinion, we as muslimah, should not spread pictures of other woman who do not cover their aurat properly. Just like we wont share our picture without wearing any scarf etc.

Just because i love you as another Allah's servant, i decided to reply to your post.

Jazakillahu khair and sorry again for any inconvenience.

Assalamu'Alaikum wbt

izyan.ariff said...

waalaikumussalam :)

dearest Hawariyyun.
jazakillahu khairan for your teguran. there will always be things that i lack understanding and this is definitely one of them.
jazakillah for reminding, out of love :)

i will try my best to bring down all pictures that are showing aurah (which i think there's be a bunch of them in this 4 year-old blog. ill keep my promise and bring them down slowly and steadily.hehe)

and may He Forgives. T_T

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