Secret: Part 1

19th January 2010
everything changes

semua milik Allah.
your stuff
your time
your energy

He Taught me countless time already that anything can happen
be it good or bad.
logic or not.

So all i can do now is do what i do best.
give whatever He wants to take from me
accept whatever He wants to give me
with a smile on my face
and a belief in my heart

that He Always Knows Best

i may be an insignificant creation of yours,
but i want You to know,
that i love You.
so so much.

~thank You~
i am forever grateful


niz said...

yan. bc entry kamu tringat tweet seorang saim.

Positive thinking goes like this you are walking and a bird shits on you you look up and thank god, cows don’t fly~

sabit? xhau la sye~ =)

fathiyyah said...


izyan.ariff said...

kak cheq: hahahahahaha~ ak gelak dgn bsungguh2. comel laa~ i like. i like. i like.

sabit2. kene thankful sokmo. thinking positively is dfinitely a form of us being thankful. iA

izyan.ariff said...

fathy: nti ikut update secret ni ye. ade cerita di sebaliknye.hehe. cuma takleh publish skarang =)

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