your Day

funny too.

last night, i spent some time with kakak again.
discussing the little details of her wedding.
wedding songs.
you know, all the cute stuff.

so a few hours back,
i posted something on facebook.
saying my thanks to skype 
for existing
thus allowing me to talk to my kakak almost everyday.

it IS her wedding day.
and i just thought i need to be the one with her every step of the way.
which you have to do too when my time comes!
*kakak, ini adalah sejenis ugutan*

and just now, 
i went to her blog.
she was feeling the same thing.

funny how we can read each other's mind sometimes.

so thank You again.
for blessing me with kakak.

i love my sister.
and i definitely love You.


fatiN said...

incik izyan...i just posted a new post just now...
n seriously...
tgh teringat same kamoo..
n of coz...terjeles ngan kakak yg dah nak kawen
jom kawen jom kawennnnnnnn

Faten said...

so shuweeet...
bila tarikhnya?
aku wakil mu des yan?aku cuti ag ni...huhu

izyan.ariff said...

fatin wahab: hehe.ayooh.. soon dear soon. not ready juz yet. still seeking His love..xpuas hati.ahax! *nk dibook thou if u noe wut i mean.hehe*

fatin: eip, jemput2. its on 20th feb sayang! marilaa~

pisey said...

wah.2days after dat my besday!keh3.saja nk promote.haha.but wont be home lah 2oth.balik on 12th malam n will be back in kl jumat 19th malam n tido sorg2 kat mekdi n laju2 balik hostel esoknya.haha.konon jimat sikit- adventure lebih kurang.hoho.

eh,karangan plop.

btw dear, miss u;)

aifaa said...

aww...this is sweet yan. :')

funny you should put a pic of a pink bouquet.i went to kuantan to see k.beep and k.hani and they helped me do my handbouquet which is pretty much the same color as the one in that pic.but nicer. :)

nnt i'll post a pic!

izyan.ariff said...

pisey: ala sayngg...perlu ko balik 19th mlm? itu tlalu dkat doh.pontem la satu hari *style tok juruh* eheks. syam nek gapo balik kl 19 tu?

soalan ini releven! sile jwb laju2, lagi laju dr kamu jalan from mekdi tu hostel. =P

kakak: i need more pictures. smalam eventhough 3 keping *yan dah berpinar*, i still want updates!

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