*abah: umrah family 2009*

he was born on 3rd of January 1958, but maklumlah zaman dulu, 2 days later baru arwah Ayah daftar, so his IC states that he's born on 5th of January 1958. That's why he has 2 birthdays, which i always tease him about, but he manages to tease mama's birthDays instead. (which is a year later from the real one.haha)

Abah's name is Ariff. simple,short and cool. *Arwah Ayah had good taste.hehe* but Abah's family and close friends and even mama, called him Zul instead. Abah told us the story, of how in Pasir Mas back then, there was this famous person named Zulkifli, and Abah's uncle went running back home, wishing to name this new born baby boy Zulkifli. But he was too late. Eventhough Abah is named Ariff, he is still called Zul.

I love Abah too much. (and mama too.but since this is Abah's birthday,kite kasi chance kat abah dulu ok mama?hehe) I thank Allah everyday for blessing me with a family like mine. I have a perfect Abah, a perfect Mama, a perfect Kakak, a perfect Abe, and a perfect Baby Lin. They may not be perfect in others' eyes; but they all are in mine. Alhamdulillah.

i can never describe you in words Abah, because you are one of a kind. how i wish i could share with the whole world out there how lucky i am to have you. but i think everyone who knows me knows that you are definitely one of a kind. thank you for being a very special Abah.

well. happy birthday abah. i promise to be a better daughter for you. i will work hard to make both you and mama proud of me insyaAllah. This is the only gift i can give you. 

And right now:
i wish i can kiss your pipi and hug you like i always do.
i wish im at home, where you will always be looking for me once you're home from work.
i wish i can sing the songs i grew up with, while you play your guitar and laugh bila suara yan pcah
most of all, i wish i can hear you say "abah sayang yan"

 *kene tahan smpai June la nampaknye. or maybe i should call again tomorrow*

i love you Abah

Allahummaghfirli wali waalidayya warhamhuma kamaa rabbayaani saghiira
Ya Allah, ampunilah aku dan ampunilah kedua ibu bapaku, dan cucurilah rahmat kepada mereka sebagaimana mereka telah mencurahkan kasih sayangnya memelihara dan mendidikku semasa kecil.  
ps: doa ni da amal belum? kalau dah, alhamdulillah. kalau belum, jom amal. this is the least we could do. Pray for them. =)
*graduation Abe 2009*


pisey said...

wuu.hepi besday abah yan!!
(jerit kuat2)

aifaa said...

i miss abah too. :'(

btw, abah lepas geram.
*cuz he graduated in the summer bawah pokok.seriously, graduation dkt mesia is more awesome.*


Fazdlin Rahim said...


izyan.ariff said...

haha. jazakillah syg =D nok jerit kuat2 jgk~

i miss daddy n mama.huuu =(

hehehe =)

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