smoking itu merokok

*i suggest for those who smoke out there better not to read it if you're not up to it. cause im gonna be blunt about it.sekian*

i grew up with Abah and Abe
who dont smoke
who hate ciggs
and hate smokers too
being their family, of course i ended up hating ciggs and smokers too. 
*no offense for all smoker-friends out there.hehe*
*we dont actually hate the person, we just hate them WHEN they're smoking*

if i go and check-out blogs by my friends, or schoolmates and any other type of mates i have; It seems like many have opinions on things that are circulating our age group: couple, bf/gf, whatever. Dont get me wrong,im thankful. Alhamdulillah, for all the perspectives and opinions coz it really did help me in finding answers; couple a.k.a bf/gf IS haram. =)

but we seem to neglect this smoking thing that i think is circulating our age group TOO. Well, at least this is the age where most of us (yes us here means boys AND girls, cause it seems to me that girls are starting to smoke too) start smoking. i can never really imagine what kind of satisfaction do people get when they smoke. i just hate it. a person may be nice and all, but if i knew they smoke, their whole nice image just go down the drain. you know what i mean? i CAN tolerate it, but i will end up questioning it. why DO you smoke? cant you just eat chocolates, or drink a big bottle of Coke or i dont know.. go and watch ManU instead?? i just cant understand. nor can i stand it. i would always ended up coughing like hell just by walking past people who smoke. 

drugs. ciggs. to me they're just the same. 

they kill you. 
they're addictive. 
a complete waste of money. 
smells awful. *i dont know about drugs though. =P*
oh, and they kill you. *i have to mention dying twice since it kills you twice as fast*

anyways, the only difference is smoking is fairly accepted as a norm and you can do it publicly, while the other...not so much. 

*sigh* i respect abah. who managed to influence Arwah ayah *late grandad* and some uncles when he married mama, to stop smoking. i asked how he did it? He will always said, "Abah dulu prefect kat Faris *smstmfp*. maybe takut ko prefect kot." and he ended up smiling smugly. And I vividly remembered an incident ~Abah with his old friends, they were about to start smoking, and they offered Abah. Abah tolak. Balik tu abah tension with all the smell. hehe. i was very proud of having him as my dad. =)

then there's Abe. who amazes me more considering during his late-teen days, MOST boys smokes. Not Abe. i know for a fact that he never once tried it, let alone DO it. Not to mention him being in architecture, where he is constantly staying up late with his friends, doing designs and stuff *that i dont comprehend but like to watch all the miniature thingy*. And i like the fact that he always cooly trash his friends about smoking.haha~ abe is cool. and doesnt smoke. 

*sigh* im gonna pray Allah gave me a guy like abah and abe. *sempat lagi*

ok. bottom line is. dont smoke. Pleasee....*bajet berjaya merayu* it's not cool. it stinks. and i think those who smoke mosty bajet cool. i may be harsh. but i warned you earlier. im just a girl, who think smoking is plain S.T.U.P.I.D.

buat benda tak elok ni memang senang, tapi buat bende berfaedah sket punye susah. 
same with benda jahat, benda baik.
same with dosa, pahala.

we know better, we just dont act better.


ps: bukan smoking ni HARAM ke?

pps: just wanna share these 2 videos of encik merah that always cheer me up. cause i know my thoughts arent wrong.

encik merah part 1 - click here
encik merah part 2 - click here


Anonymous said...

i hate smokers too

smoking is like suicide, just slowly achieved.

izyan.ariff said...


so true..jzkk for droppin by.

john said...

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