at this very moment, abah is at the 'gift shop' i guess. it's a surprise for mama he had been planning for many weeks now. only kakak and me knows, *and the world i guess, considering im writing about this pretty bluntly*. abe and lin? oblivious of course. sadly as i might be, abe is not a fan of my blog. but he does drop by occasionally, and calling me afterwards saying things like 'rindu adik abe'. ^,^

so back to the story; as calm as he might try to be, both kakak and me knows that he is VERYY much excited. i was laughing by myself, seeing abah buying a card for mama senyap-senyap. and almost got caught the other day when he was trying to write in it. on the other hand, we should all be thankful that mama is a very innocent ibu. abah kept on dropping hints now and then, to the extent i asked him to stop. really. i was scared mama can sense it. but just yesterday i casually started a conversation with mama, asking about things related to the present. alhamdulillah. her innocence makes all things easier for us. hehehe. she still thinks abah will never buy it. (",)

so abah is pretty much excited. last week he asked me to help him decorate the gift. winking here and there, wanting to use some of kakak's wedding leftovers: ribbons, flowers. being a busy me (busy la sangat.huhu) only yesterday i looked into the box for the ribbons and stuff, only to know that abah has already taken it all. haha. abah is veryy sweet to mama. but it's still hard to imagine abah doing all the decorating stuff cuz he's never one to do those kind of things much. he's more of a sweet dad in a protective kind of way.

and just now before he left the house, he actually took the whole box of ribbons with him! i prayed mama didnt notice the missing box. (i put my handbag and some books there). anyway, mama's reciting Quran in the living room right now. so ill try and lure her to go the kitchen after this. the final strategy. to divert mama's attention so that she won't hear abah's coming back.

at 52, they are still making surprises for one another. i wish i'd be like that someday too. knowing that, the key to it all is Allah. the happiness that we all look for, is Allah's. love itself, is Allah's to give. we can seek for it, doing all the things that we learn from experiences, from sunnah, but in the end, Allah will be the one to plant love in our heart.

so to those youngsters out there seeking for love from opposite sexes, trust me, those aren't real love. real love is Allah's to give. associating it with sins, is a prove that the love we have is not real. bisikan Mr Merah semata-mata. so yakinla, and put the right effort with the guidance from the Quran and Sunnah. if tak tahu, tanye orang yang lebih berilmu cara betul ni macam mana.

do it the right way, start this beautiful journey the right way, then insyaAllah, at 52, 62, 72 or even 102! you can still cutely make surprises for one another, and you can still feel the love just like the day when Mr Right said..."aku terima nikahnya...."

it's Allah's to give. and the best love is always His Love.
and, here i am, already behind schedule! gotta GO!!

ps: it's white too! (",)


kakak said...

i can't help grinning just thinking about abah's adorable antics to surprise mama yesterday.hehe

it's nice that u get to witness all that. i miss mama and abah.tell them anak kesayangan says hi okay.


izyan.ariff said...

^^, all thanks to you ofcoz~ hm? i say hi to them evryday alredy la..hahahaha~

i will =) muah~

Fazdlin Rahim said...

Comelnya. Wish i would be like that too. Faith that matters. Back to ur post, hows important to menjaga hati

izyan.ariff said...

hehe~ kan dear kan. jom kite have faith.lalala *muke gatai*

hati sgt penting n sgt susah. lom masuk ikhlas lagi.haih. still a veryy long journey~

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