Secret: Part 4 -revealed-


today my so-called secret will be revealed
after 1 month of planning with kakak
it's done.

i went back home for kakak's wedding
kakak's wedding.
back home.
home sweet home.
as a suprise for mama and abah especially
for abe (i thought he knew) and lin
and all the families

everything went well
the wedding went smoothly
the surprise was perfect.
and definitely priceless.

lots of things happened making this a priceless memory for me.
seeing the look on abah's face when he saw me; 
not saying anything and straight away he hugged me and kiss me.
how mama cried at the front door upon seeing me. 
and then i quickly hugged and kissed her.
how all my aunts cried too.
and the hugging and kissing.
how i was there holding kakak's hand during the akad nikah.
how people actually not able to register that it was me they were seeing till i said, "yan ni."
and how last night, just telling my uncles (abang2 abah) the story of how abah reacted,
and they all ended up teary-eyed (uncles okay?)

sangat terharu with everybody.
and this is only a small part of the whole surprise story.

i will forever remember this memory.
i came back with the aim of making my family happy.
i think i did just that;
it was perfect for them.
and definitely perfect for me.

thank You Allah.
You Made it all possible.

ps: now i have to get used to my family staring at me at times. yes, sometimes they are still in disbelief that i am actually home.hehe~
ouh. and the constant hugging and kissing without any reason.
*tapi im used to that already.hehe.i love being hugged and kissed.lala*

pps: paling happy. im there in the wedding pictures.yeay!!


mieyra said...

blk sapa blo ni??
mne wedding pix nyo??hehe

izyan.ariff said...

insyaAllah 27th gi balik doh~
hehe.wedding pix soon ok soon. nti letop dlm fb.
dlm kakak punye pn mcm dah ade je..


atikus_hakita said...

yan,suwig nyer..=)

Fazdlin Rahim said...

bestnyer.. home sweet home.huhu

Anggerek said...

hi yan, m ur kakak's fren.

this entry touch my heart so much. almost cry. i m pretty sure "this surprise" is a perfect gift to ur family

fareen said...

terharu siot
sure family kau terharu sangat2 :)

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