cerita kami adik-beradik

earlier this week; (last week untuk orang klate)
abe ammar decided to come back this weekend,
as usual, keeping it a secret.
to surprise abah, mama, me and lin.

but being kakak,
she cant keep the secret to herself.
not that she cant keep secrets,
it's just that it involves a long journey,
so berkat doa mama is needed. so she told mama.

and mama, being her cute bubbly self,
cant keep the secret; hence, i know.

so the usual target is abah. (and lin.hehe)
which surprisingly one day, out of the blue,said:
"abah rasa expectant. macam ade orang nak balik."
and he waved the idea off.
while mama was busy cuit-cuit me under the table.
yan buat tak tau menggapai kueh atas meja,
worrying abah will sense. *huhu*

i talked to kakak and mama.
so abe is not coming back. *sob2*
he's a bit busy. coming back is definitely tiring for him.
kesian abe. no pressure. plus, he has a lot of 'hari cuti' left.
so perhaps he can come back early before raya.

the day finally comes. due to some problems, 
kakak said she'll be arriving a bit late. around 1 am.
she'll be breaking fast at raub, at her mom-in-law's.

me and mama kept our cool that day.
im happy imagining how happy abah will be.
*cuz he's already sad counting days till im off back to dublin*

but mama, being a devoted mom,
who worries that her children will be travelling in the middle of the night,
felt that she cant keep the secret no more.
suddenly masa berbuka "mama oyat ko abah deh?"

imagine my chaotic mind trying to cover the whole thing up!
thankfully, my controlled-outside-self managed to change the topic
and with some tricks here and there, abah remain oblivious.

but then, oblivious to me and mama, 
abah made a phone call to abe after tarawikh.
abe tersalah cakap about kakak coming back.

abah syak, made a phone call to kakak.
and managed to confirm his syak wasangka.
both kakak and abe still not knowing that they had failed the plan. *huhu*

nearing 1am, i cant handle the sleepiness no more. 
then kakak text me saying she has arrived.
it never occurred to me that abah actually sense this,
considering abah was still outside watching Discovery.
cuz usually he would already sleep when it's nearing 12.

so in the end, abah was not that surprised. though still very very happy.
(he cant stop smiling everytime we attempted these surprises)
i went downstairs with abah.

in return, i was totally surprised to see ABE!
excited excited~ 

then everybody went to sleep. 
mama went out to see kakak and abe ammar.
abe somehow managed to slip pass all that.
nak surprise mama the next morning.

sahur the next day, tengah lipat-lipat kain sembahyang,
i heard mama's surprised exclamation in the kitchen.
"abe da jumpe mama la tu"

so, basically everybody tried to surprise one another,
and ended up being surprised ourself.

but the one that remain oblivious to ALL these things,
is baby lin. who seems very composed with all the commotion.
haha. cute.

this tradition of us adik beradik has been going on a few years back.
trying to surprise mama and abah, by sneakily coming back.
be it with the car, or bus, or even flight. 
the first time; was by kakak. during her university days.
the crazy one; was last february.when i came back for kakak's wedding.

eventhough we have done this sooo many times,
while trying very hard to improvise our plan here and there;
one thing for sure is, our surprises never fail to make them totally happy.
biarpun balik 2 hari je. 

so today they will be going back. isk2.
moral of this long story is; make our parents happy.
cuz we love them with all our heart. ^,^

"Keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibubapa,
kemurkaan Allah terletak pada kemurkaan ibubapa."
[Riwayat At-Tirmizi]
abah + mama overseeing Lake Toba
ps: happy 28th anniv (",)

them admiring Allah's creation at Subuh. before being disturbed by anak-anak stalker
from the next verandah with disturbing "phewittt" sounds. haha

ps: to be able to write this kind of entry, i am forever thankful to Allah for His Blessings and His Love. because for all i know, a friend i love is trying her best to cope with her loss. my prayers will always be with her and her family. stay strong dear, Allah is always there for you.


chibi.chan said...

love this...

adlan wafi said...

so sweet, ihik2

Anonymous said...

izyan, miss u~

really lurve ur entries..
happey family..

izyan.ariff said...

to chibi.chan:
me love this too.LOL

haha.. yan bace ngn ur tone..

to anon:
haih..if i know who u are then i can say i miss u too. but the fact that u miss me is enuf to proof that im surely missing u too. hee~ jzkk dear (",)

Anonymous said...

pernah terlibat sama..uhuhhh...k.ninie...

izyan.ariff said...

haha~yup2~ all girls ^,^

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