percaya & yakin

i may be wrong, but i may also be right; so bear with me. this is just my reflection session.

yesterday's usrah, i was given an analogy (which i believe i have once heard of, but never really understood, thus not remembering it). the analogy: the difference between yakin and percaya.

let say you are standing with me at the edge of a cliff overseeing the ocean. huge rocks below with the waves crashing. well, perhaps the one like the twilight movie? and there's a huge - "DONT JUMP! YOU'LL DEFINITELY DIE" sign. so then i told you, if you jump, i definitely will grab your hand. so knowing me (let's just pretend i'm a very nice person who loves you soooo much...tapi if tak selesa you can pretend it's someone else..wuwu), you'll say: saya percaya. but the question is, will you jump? cuz if you jump, only then it shows that you truly believe in me. thus, making you a true believer. (percaya + yakin). grasp the concept?

i believe that understanding the concept of 'percaya + yakin' is a very important basis for us Muslims. looking back, once, i did question, what makes a true Muslim? Is it just believing that Allah exists? being a small kid, you dont usually think too deep. and then we learned about Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam at school, and shallow-mindedly enough, i thought that, i'm definitely a Muslim, cuz i believe.

In the Rukun Iman, it states clearly,"percaya..percaya..percaya". (some people used beriman..beriman..beriman.. so this varies) I think this is what makes us not good enough in practicing Islam as a way of life, nowadays. why? because we think that percaya is enough. percaya is safe. percaya makes you a good-enough-Muslim. 

before i get carried away, im not saying that percaya sahaja doesnt make you a Muslim. mind you, who am i to judge this? i myself am just a rookie in understanding my own religion, my own beliefs. this is just my own reflection, to be shared with others. now back to the session (",)

so, i think that percaya alone makes you not good enough. why? let's go back to one of the Rukun Iman. "percaya kepada hari Qiamat". everybody will say: "ye.saya pcaye yg hari Qiamat akan tejadi. banyak kot tanda-tanda skarg. tp insyaAllah sy rase tak akan tjadi dlm hayat idup sy ni." everybody believes that it will happen. but the question is, yakin tak?

cuz with yakin, you truly believes that it's the day that Allah kept reminding us over and over and over again in the Quran. Al-Qiyamah, Al-Infithar ...it's a constant reminder.

Apabila langit terbelah.
dan apabila bintang-bintang jatuh berserakan.
dan apabila lautan dijadikan meluap
dan apabila kubur-kuburan dibongkar
(maka) setiap jiwa akan mengetahui apa yang telah
dikerjakan dan yang dilalaikan(nya)

cuz with yakin, then you will know that along with this comes the Judgement. kita dihisab. it's all the things that we have heard about, but never really cared. because it's still far away. says who?

cuz with yakin, you'll think hard before you commit any sins. cuz only with yakin, you truly believes that every single sins you commit will be judged accordingly on that Day. the bad things you do, the worst you will get. the good things you do, the best He will Give. 

with yakin, you'll think first, before you decide to throw those babies away. before you commit zina. before you drink arak. before you scold your parents. before you make them cry. before you let others see your aurat. before committing all the sins that you kept on denying. 

with yakin, you do all the good deeds that you can think of. with yakin, you cry your heart out for His Forgiveness once you commit any sins. with yakin, you do all the right things first, instead of waiting for ikhlas. because ikhlas itself cant be measured. even the nicest person on earth can never be sure whether what they're doing is with ikhlas or not. so what's really in our mind when we say, "i wont do this and that, because i want to do it with ikhlas." what are we really waiting for? ask ourselves. 

our hearts rarely lie. i, for one is trying my best to change. trying my best to believe. and definitely trying my hardest to TRULY BELIEVE. but at the end of the day, all i can be sure of is the effort that i made. but the result will always be in His Hands. and i can only pray for the best, and yakin that, Allah Maha Pengampun, Allah Maha Penyayang. and that He Listens. 



Anonymous said...

the chocolate lover is back!

syznmy said...

love u.
love this.

nak copy!

Amal Asyura said...

nice entry =)
kne tingkatkan ilmu utk tmbhkn yakin

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