"Berdoa bukan untuk memberitahu Allah apa yang kita pinta, 
kerana tanpa diberitahu pun, Allah sedia mengetahui.
Doa ialah pengabdian daripada seorang hamba kepada Tuhannya"
[majalah Solusi; isu no.22]

When i read this quotation, it brought some sort of ketenangan deep in my heart. i have always been one to say: Allah Knows better. alhamdulillah, my experiences pretty much taught me this lesson over and over again. that Allah always Knows best. but this quotation seems to push me further deep into a calm state i guess.

i still have a lot of things that i need to improve on. and doa is definitely one of them. maybe this, is experienced by many others out there, and not just me. you know, just right after solat, and there you are, with your hands in front of you, seriously imagining that Allah is watching over and waiting, trying to tell everything you want to tell, to ask everything that your heart yearns for.

i laughed remembering how a friend of mine (miss i**h) acts back how she ended up in her doa. kalut, she said. kalut cuz there's a HUGE amount of things you wanna ask for. for yourself, your parents, your siblings, your family, your friends, fellow muslimin and muslimat, the people in Gaza, dunya, your Hereafter. adoi. endless.

so going back to the quotation, it's a calming reminder aint it? i guess there's soo much i wanna ask of Him, that i ended up forgetting a very clear fact:

He Already Knows.

so now, even though i still ask for a lot in my doa, i started the whole thing off by calming myself. telling Him in a way that i already know that He Knows everything, that He Knows more about my secrets and my needs more than i myself know. So this is just me, a servant of Him, trying to tell Him things that He already Know. But, knowing that, i still wanna tell Him. other words, i just want His Attention. hehe. tak salah pun kan?

and, even if i have to end my doa without having to finish off all the things that i want to tell and ask of Him, it's okay. cuz He still Knows. and the best part would be at the end of the doa, where again, all i do is not ask of Him to qabulkan all my doa there and then. but knowing that He Knows better, so i only asked Him to  qabulkan all my prayers, only and only if, they can make me closer to Him.

Dont you think that Allah always makes it easy for us Muslims? Tawakkal. Leave everything to Him. while all we need to do is just put our feet forward, and just usaha + doa. 

"Jika hambaKu bertanyakan kamu (Muhammad) tentang Aku,
maka sesungguhnya Aku dekat.
Aku Kabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa
apabila dia berdoa kepada-Ku.
Hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (perintah)-Ku 
dan beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka memperoleh kebenaran."

Allah sentiasa dekat. tapi kenapa kita selalu jauhkan diri? :'(


Fazdlin Rahim said...

i like this post. yeah. u make things clearer. aahkan. He actually knows evertything. He just want to see sama ada kita sombong or not. dah bagi chance nak mintak pun kita still buat donno. huhu. and i like this quotation

"Allah sentiasa dekat. tapi kenapa kita selalu jauhkan diri? :'(

Fatimah Mukhtar said...

It's me yan! Thanks for sharing. Nice one! Keep it up=)

khadijah rusli said...

yan..hmm very true indeed. He knows more and He loves us more..and may He loves u more.. :)

syazana my said...

i always end up not saying a word bila tgh sebak nangis2 lepas solat.angkat tangan tenung sambil tahan sedu je.sampai habis.yang terkeluar just 'ya Allah'.

hee (:

izyan.ariff said...

to lyn: haha. kan2? klakar lak lyn ckap wat dunno tu.hehehe~
jom same2 kurangkan dunno owrite?

to timah:
jzkk for reading cyg. =)

to ijah:
hehe. bende kite kaver dlm usrah aritu. rase mcm best jah if tulis. wuwu.. ameen~ ^,^

to pisey:
syg....ak imagine that situation. hukhuk, sgt comel nye gitu. and the fact is. 'ya Allah' tu says it all kan? syg kamu dear.

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