tok lekat unjak

tok lekat unjak. this is how kelantanese express someone who is indecisive. to be more specific, someone who kept changing their decisions, i guess? bear with me, im not a good klate-vocab-guru. usually, it's a negative remark. so far, i think i am not someone whom one can call 'tok lekat unjak'. err, at least i think i am. yes, sometimes it took me ages to make a decision, *usually when it involves fighting my al-hawa* but usually once i made one, i rarely turn back.

ok.i guess my attempt to deny this fact is obvious now. for this particular case, i fall under the 'tok lekat unjak' category. changing my blog name every now and then. (actually only once). but im changing it back now. kembali kepada asal. as much as i love awan, i think i'm so used to being a chocolatelover when i'm writing. hence, the lack of ideas. (alasan semata-mata)

nevertheless, my awan collections are still piling up. i am still an 'awan lover' at heart. as for my entries, actually i have so much in my mind right now. so much to share. but the right words are not coming out. if i tell all, the words might get all tangled up. tak faham pulak. anyways, i'd like to take this opportunity to promote certain things i'm into this near-ending summer holidays.

1. Radio IKIM
2. Majalah SOLUSI. 

these 2 things, along with al-Quran, solat sunat and other ibadah insyaAllah; never fails to fill my heart so far. alhamdulillah. let us make the best out of this Ramadhan shall we? wallahua'lam. 

ps: watched TV the other day. sakit kepala. "Bukan Pintaku" was a very weird tele-movie. a lot to ponder upon. no more TV. sob2. T,T


Fazdlin Rahim said...

haha ok. tok lekak ujang? eh betul ke. though kamu suka tukar2. but i believe u always know what is the best for u. =)

izyan.ariff said...

haha. ujang? comel la kamu ni lyn.
thanx for believing that. tharuuuu :)

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