His Words


"If you want to talk to Him, pray.
if you want Him to talk to you, read the Book (Al-Quran)"

ever heard of this quote before? i bet many of us had. and despite that, many still haven't a copy of the Quran translation just yet. but that's another long issue, not for the purpose of this particular post.

a long while back, i've always seen sisters randomly opening the Quran, picking out random verses, and discusses them, drawing out reflections from those verses. some said that they would do it when they are desperately seeking for answers. i've heard so many stories of the chosen verses to be the definite answers for the things they seek. and some do it..just because. :)

i don't know when, but i guess eventually this habit rubbed itself on me. when i find myself opening up the Holy Quran randomly, searching for 'those' verses that was meant to me and only me. sometimes i may be seeking some answers (click). sometimes i would do it just randomly, to see if there is anything that Allah wants me to change. (read: ditegur). *nervous sikit if it's the latter*

most time, if not all, the verses somehow find their way to fit into the situations that i am facing, or the feelings that i am feeling; in a way that i couldn't really describe. you just feel very special, i guess. feeling that it's definitely for you. and after all, we all know the basis in Islam, that nothing is really coincidence. everything that happens is His Will. including what verse that your eyes fall onto when you flip open the page.

i guess what i'm saying is, give it a try. for only you can describe the feeling that you get, when His Words are directed to you. :')

i had one just yesterday. after prayers i decided i need His Words for the vague unsettling feeling that i had deep down. i did it twice. i'll share the first one. (second is a secret. :P)

"Dan orang-orang yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan, sebahagian mereka (adalah) menjadi penolong bagi sebahagian yang lain. Mereka menyuruh (mengerjakan) yang ma'ruf, mencegah dari yang munkar, mendirikan shalat, menunaikan zakat dan mereka taat pada Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Mereka itu akan diberi rahmat oleh Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana."

interestingly today; i was blog reading randomly; when i found both verses again. one after the other. goes to show that there are really no coincidences in life, huh?

but in the end,
coincidence or not,
the most important thing is how you act upon finding His Words.
for Quran is not just a book for you to read, but a manual for your actions.


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