mind rant 4#

salam. it's time for the occasional ramblings again. i'll make it short and simple. for i'm sure nobody is interested in reading much on a random rant. 

it's my final rotation before the exams. and we are currently placed at the Mater Hospital in Dublin for our surgical rotation. i was well prepared for what to expect weeks back; that i will be placed under the team with one of the most scariest consultant. =,=''  who would give out to anyone who walk too slow, or walk too fast, or for not knowing the surnames of all the people in the team.

the first time he gave out to us, i didn't feel anything really. and i actually thought he was nice and calm, for actually listing us the things we need to read up on, before leaving the room. but considering the reactions coming from my Irish partner, i supposed it was quite upsetting. =,=''

i don't really know if at that time i was too happy for being able to 'scrubbed in' a surgery for the first time in my life! or that i have been desensitized for being in the first rotation few weeks back, under a similar kind of consultant; that i genuinely didn't feel a thing. i wasn't bothered. all i thought was, great. i will read and prove to him that i make my effort.

which, at the end of the day, was what i think Allah is trying to teach me; when He Decided to put me in 2 rotations with 'interesting' consultants that i have to face. this is what i think i learnt after so many weeks;

1. that i should not be too worried of what people think. 
2. make the effort. that's all that counts.
3. pressure is good. nak ilmu kan kan?
4. if a thing saddens you, try to not bury it too deep in the heart. Allah kan ada :)

in the end, no matter how evil/rude/weird/scary the people are, they are all just human beings. who are bound to have imperfections within them, just like us. we have to learn to cope with all these. our job is to do the best in developing our characters; according to Quran and Sunnah. if we want to be a nice person, be one because of Him. not because of how people treat us.

hari ni dalam Bulatan Gembira, kak Farah reminded; that sometimes, Allah bring us through these kinds of situations and make us meet different kinds of characters, so that we learn to not be attached to people; that we learn to not expect from others too much; and to hope and pray for Him instead, every minute and every second of the day. no matter what situations we are in, whoever we meet.

Life is not always bliss. especially for those yang Allah Cinta. Didn't he remind us every so often, He Tests those He Love? so put a smile on that face. even if the World turns its back against us, there is nothing to be sad about if we have Him with us. insyaAllah. ;)

that's it for my rant.

ps: after a full week of leaving home before 6am, cycling naik bukit sampai kaki cramp, berlari-lari anak cari wards, doing ward rounds at 7am, nak pengsan by 12pm; finally we were able to sit down, tenangkan hati, enjoyed the beautiful (slightly hot) summer day with beautiful people. Alhamdulillah. 

pps: only watched Boolat Rara's latest video, that abe whatsapp to me. she crawled! cant wait for malaysia.

truly, which Blessings of Allah will we deny?

Friday treats after hospital :)


kidahadfyna said...

salam'alaik, hi yan..:) lame xtanye kabar. how r u dear? saye sentiase rase seronok bace blog kamu tahu? haha. take care:D

izyan.ariff said...


w'salam :) hi si-dia-sy-tak-sure-sape-tp-mesti-manis-orgnye hehe *wink*

alhamdulillah doing fine, tgh neves exam.hee~ all praises to Him~ terima kasih krn sudi seronok bace.hee~

do visit again. and i hope my writings do benefit iA :)take care too!

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