Syria: Walk the Talk

how surreal life can be. :(

when i am worried of my exams. sometimes thinking of Malaysia. sometimes heading to the kitchen to indulge myself with food. taking naps. sleeping in my very comfortable bed. and in my prayers, hoping that Allah ease my life. the exams. the choices. the future.

and yet in another part of the world;

a small boy has watched his Mom shot 5 times in the head. seeing his brother shot dead in front of him. him, playing dead among the corpses of his own family. and yet here he is, composed enough to tell us about it all. 

just to remind us, 
that we are doing nothing, if compared to them. 
that our ujian is nothing, if compared to them.

"they talk, but don't do anything."
that's us.

my plea to myself and others;
do something. do anything that we can think of.
no matter how small it is.
share their stories. let the world know about it.
so that the world can pray for them;
because "Doa itu senjata Mukmin."

semoga yang tiada, dikurniakan syahid.
semoga yang masih ada, diberi kekuatan.
semoga yang zalim, diazab sekeras-kerasnya.
Allah Maha Adil.

note: some say the media is lying. some say the Syrian army is innocent. some say it's about getting NATO intervention just like what happened elsewhere. it is confusing. and you will find it harder to know the truth when you dig deeper; but media is the only source we have. and what i know is the pictures and videos don't lie. women and children and men are being killed ruthlessly. who and why? i don't really know. but what we can really do, is hoping that Allah Guides us to the truth, and most importantly, continue our prayers for them. wallahua'lam. :'(

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