that moment

5.03pm. Health Science Building, Univ College Dublin. the washroom beside the computer lab. :)

i went there, empty bottle in hand (all girls who studies here know why we need this) and i caught a glimpse of a white-girl applying re-applying her make-up in front of the sinks before going in. using a huge brush what-not. and 3 minutes later, she was still there. when i was washing my hands, she was still there. when i was fixing my skirt. she was still there. and as i was leaving, she was still there. 

'that moment', occurred in between.

as i was done washing my hands and drying them up. i decided to fix my hijab, since my inner scarf has moved around quite a lot after a long day; (afraid that some of my hair might have a little peak of the outside world.) ^,^

by ~aimeelikestotakepics of deviantart

two girls, facing the same mirror. 
with two totally different reasons.

'that moment' when i am very much thankful to Allah. 
for giving me this life; 
a life as a Muslim.

how about you?
have you had those moments today?

ps: abah's cousin, Pakcik Lah died earlier today due to cancer. hoping the readers would take the time untuk sedekahkan Al-Fatihah. semoga roh arwah diletakkan dalam kelompok orang-orang yang beriman. jazakumullah :)

yours truly,
minggu depan test. Gambate & tawakkal :)

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