make the choice

when these two words are said: lebih baik, what comes to mind?

1. people who WE think, think they are better than others?
2. or us, thinking that at least, WE are better than some people out there.

no. these my friends, are the wrongful thinking. because when being better is mentioned, it should only lead us to one question:

how much have we change for the better today, as compared to yesterday?
in simpler malay words *because im not that good in english*:
sejauh manakah kita lebih baik dari semalam?

some hateful feelings will creep into me, whenever i hear people complaining about other people's good deeds. because in my opinion, don't question complain about the good things that others are doing, especially out of our own ignorance.

"lo.. tak perlu pun break-break. jaga relationship elok-elok sudey.."
"lo.. buat ape nak tunduk-tunduk bila jalan? rempuh tiang baru tau."
"lo.. buat ape taknak borak-borak ngan laki? bukannya diorang suka perempuan tu pun."
"lo..keluar makan-makan 2 orang pun tak boleh? kawan je pun."

when we complain about them, ask ourselves why are we doing so? because when we see girls who strip off their hijab, we never question or complain about that. when we see our friends back-hugging their baby-boo, we never question or complain about that. when we see a friend skipping the Jumaat prayer, we never question or complain about that.

"pilihan diorang. malas nak masuk campur."

same goes to them. they are also choosing a path. a path that you and i may not know much, because of our ignorance. =,='' but it's reality. bila yang betul dipersoalkan, yang salah dibiarkan. the truth is, the questions and complains, i think i have the answers for them.

sebab semalam dia nak jugak cakap I love you sebelum tidur. lepas break dia tak cakap dah.
Jalan tunduk.
sebab semalam dia nak tengok perempuan cantik tu 3 kali. hari ni dia rempuh tiang pun tak kisah.
Tak berborak dengan lelaki.
sebab semalam mamat tu berkenan kat suara dia. hari ni takde.
Tak keluar makan berdua.
sebab semalam rasa hati dah lemah. tertarik dengan bisikan cinta tanpa Allah.

by ~tomatokisses of deviantart
* lets make tomorrow a better day~insyaAllah*

they are just trying to be better, than how they have been the day before.
they are not trying to be better than other people around them.
they are not trying to be better than us.

but they ARE trying to be better, in the Eyes of our Creator.
because this is the path of those who believe that Allah is Watching.
all the time.

pick one. you can be the 'we', or you can walk proudly as 'them'. 
the choice is yours. 

Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. yang bermaksud:
“Barangsiapa yang amalannya hari ini lebih baik dari semalam, dia adalah orang yang beruntung.
Barangsiapa yang amalannya hari ini sama dengan yang semalam,dia adalah orang yang rugi.
Dan barangsiapa yang amalannya hari ini lebih buruk dari hari semalam,dia tergolong orang yang dilaknat Allah S.W.T.”



yours truly,
hamba Allah yang masih lemah untuk buat semua yang tersebut.
tapi tak salah untuk mengingatkan diri dan orang lain kan? :)


LaLaLOLa said...

a good reminder :) thanks

izyan.ariff said...

@lalalola :)

ur welcome~ thank u for droppin by ^^,

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