i am your kawan.

by ~Stereofidelica of deviantart

Once the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was asked, 
"What person can be the best friend?" 
"He who helps you remember Allah (SWT), 
and reminds you when you forget Him," 
the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), counseled.

Allah had given all the guidance in the Book. and Rasulullah SAW had conveyed it all. our way of life. even to whom our friends should be, and what kind of a friend we should be.

sometimes when im in my room, i feel the hypocrisy within me. because among all the friends i have in my life, whether or not they are around me; how many of them would i talk to directly about our Deen? how many of them would i tell straight away if they are doing the wrong things? how many of them would i share things that involve Islam? how many? i can only see a few in my head right now. only a few...

what does it show? when i say that i value them so much. i value the friendships that we have? what's the value if all i can talk to them about is the latest trends in fashion. or our next destination for the winter holidays. i dont love them as much as i would love to. sadly enough. 

but i do love them. i do cherish the friendships.

because deep down, i wish i could share it all. i wish i could say it all.

weh, jom pergi usrah; ade talk malam ni, kite stayback pastu gi dengar wokey?; tak payah geng-geng sangat dengan boys, sian future hubby kite nanti, tak special; hm, baju dah cantik, tapi jarang sket le, lepas tu singkat nampak belakang. tak bleh tak bleh.hehe; oi makcik tudung kamu nampak leher ngan dada. tukar2~; seluar ketat weh, sexy-ladeyyh sgt.no no no~; jom hafaz surah-surah sama-sama. sape takleh kene blanje makan; eh, dah baca al-quran belum hari ni? gelap hati weyy...etc.

why am i saying all this? because i wish these are what my friends would tell me. then i'll know, that's how much you guys love me. and because like you, im very much in need of constant reminders. we all are.

don't let our friendships be superficial.
that it only lasts till death do us part.
but let it be an ukhwah;
friendship that lasts till Jannah.

yours truly,
the worst of friend, as of now. =,=''


Fazdlin Rahim said...

just wanna say, love u yan! :)

sbb syurga Allah itu mahal..
That's why it isn't that easy to do all the things that u mentions above.
plus human being aren't perfect..

But, we shouldn't stop trying and keep on praying. yosh! berusaha!!

izyan.ariff said...

and i love you too :) YOSH!

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