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by ~SarahMaeH of deviantart

when i was 16, i just got into mrsm pc, and we had our orientation week. and we were divided into groups and everybody had to perform. anything. and we decided to perform a song. and i took the guitar and sing with my group. Avril's song i think. and there were another couple of performances i did in the next few years. 


no. im not  trying to write sins or tragedies here. im just saying that there used to be this phase in my life. where i didn't even know that singing, for women, is a form of aurat. but alhamdulillah eventually the knowledge came across. (eventhough i might execute this knowledge of mine a teeny bit slowly; cuz i still ended up performing with the guitar even though i didn't sing.) *sigh again*

so anyway.

i came across this cute girl (my little sister is almost the same age as her) in youtube. i've heard of her once but didn't take notice of her, because i thought she was the usual kind of girl you can find all around the world with a guitar, a nice voice, a webcam, and a youtube account, doing different covers of all types of songs. mind you. i sometimes do it too. minus the posting on youtube though. and minus the nice voice. my family listens to my singing; unfortunately enough for them.  =,=''

but it turns out this girl is not that usual. because people have found out about her, and she's becoming more popular everyday. that's where things get hard. i used to think that these posting-in-youtube people, would end up discouraged of their singing attempts, for it is just a phase of wanting to be a rock-star, and eventually they will come to their senses and live life properly. (with the hope that they would repent on the previous sins and delete back all the videos.)

but it's the opposite for this girl. her fitnah (ujian/test) is bigger and harder now. getting into television shows etc. and being the kid she is, i feel sorry for her. for not knowing. or if she ended up knowing, i wish she would be stronger to throw this kind of life away. she is too young to be involved with this. she's not ana rafali whose old enough to choose what is right and what is wrong. to me, a 16-years-old girl is just a victim, of a deteriorating society that she's living in. for she's just a girl whose caught up with the attention that she's getting from the wrong kinds of people; those who thinks singing and dancing and fashion is way more important than being a servant to Allah.

my prayers are with her. and her parents too. so that with Allah's will, someone will knock some senses into the parent's heads. there is a whole range of opportunities in her future life, that can make her closer to Allah.  why did the parents let her? i can only wonder.

and as for us, the one who is watching her:

if we're watching her happily,
enjoying her singing,
without worrying about the many non-mahram guys listening to her too.
then i guess we have to pray for ourselves first,
before we can pray for her.
because not recognizing what is wrong and what is right,
is a thing we all need to be worried of.

this is just my opinion. to me, i take that a woman singing in front of non-mahrams, is a form of aurat. eventhough there are quite a few opposing opinions about this. but you guys can read more of it on your own. look up for scholarly articles from the right people. but to me, it's a thing that attracts men, so i guess anyone can't contradict that it is wrong. wallahua'lam. an opinion is just an opinion. 

“...maka, janganlah kamu tunduk ketika berbicara (dengan manja, merayu, dan sebagainya).(sebab), nanti akan timbul keinginan orang yang ada penyakit dalam hatinya (keinginan nafsu berahinya). Dan ucapkanlah perkataan yang baik (sopan santun).” [Al Ahzab:32]

yours truly,
one who still sings a lot,
and pretending to be cool with the guitar in her own room. :) 


adilahariff said...

i wonder who's the 16 little girl..
meaningful writing *thumbs up*

[fathiyyah] said...

yan :')

izyan.ariff said...

@dilah : adela.hehee. thank you cayang :)

ye dear....^,^

adlina said...

this is a good one yang..thank you..buat kakna tersedar akan my own kesilapan..thank you dear..good luck for your exam okay?*hugs*

izyan.ariff said...

to kak na:

thank you kak na :) huhu. same here. thats y we need reminders constantly~~ huhu. ugh.exam is creepy. thank u! *hugs back*

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