give & not take.

erti hidup untuk memberi.

ever heard of it?
i think this might have been my fifth time writing a post this week.
but i ended up backspacing it all.
or tekan Ctrl+A, and Delete.

funny how this brain seems to not be having the courage to write.
sedangkan dalam otak banyak je yang nak cakap.

kenapa backspace? kenapa delete?
i hate it when im in this phase.
untuk tidak memberi.

memberi apa?
anything for that matter.
advices. stories that may change some hearts out there.
amar makruf.
nahi munkar.

that's why i love blogging in the first place.
to know that somewhere out there,
there are people who understands what you are talking about.
and try to change for the better along with you.

ok. this is an introduction for my post tonight.
i think i rarely do this. typing away whatever my head is saying.
seriously tak fikir panjang.

i used to write my muhasabah too in here. i think.
why am i thinking too much?
buat je la kan?
you lose nothing. you gain much more.

the end.

ps: pesan seseorang, kalau betul nak 'memberi' melalui penulisan, buat betul-betul.

"Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, 
bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya"
-Laskar Pelangi (Indonesian movie)-

yours truly,
yang ingin hidup untuk memberi.

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