ignorance is.

by ^casperium of deviantart

"ignorance is bliss" they say. to a certain extent it's true. for example you better be ignorant of all the many different lives you can explore in facebook (note: stalking). for i guess everyone, including me, are somewhat exposing our lives away, even the tiny little secrets; intentionally or not. heck, even everybody knows where everybody's at! (note: check-in application).


but ignorance is not always bliss, when it comes to the people that you care about. and because of wanting to ignore the so many lives before me, i tend to ignore the lives of those who i care about too. facebook, being the social network it is, does provide us some extent of connection to those who are close to us, yet far from sight. but because they are all mixed and tangled up with people who we have only seen once in our lives, we leave them all for good.

which leads me to my personal agony. when yesterday i decided to check on those who i miss, and baM! the guilt and the frustration of not knowing earlier things that i should have. hadoih. i hate myself for not knowing. because not knowing also means not caring. which is not true!! 

so to those out there who i care about, sorry for not being the best of family / friend / student / sister etc. even though  i may have not literally or virtually been there for all of you, do know that all of you have always been in my prayers. insyaAllah.

and yes, i'll try and be less ignorant in the future.

while we're on this topic, here's an extra reminder. for the thing worse than being ignorant of the people around us; it's being ignorant of the truth (teachings of Islam). seek knowledge of our Deen; question and learn. it's the only way to keep us in the right path. for ignorance is the reason for sin. it encourages sins and leads us to it. nau'dzubillah.

“There is in ignorance a death for its people before death, and their bodies before burial are graves, and their souls are in grief on account of their bodies, and there is no resurrection for them (from death) until the Resurrection.”

yours truly,
ignorant-less. :)

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