i only got 15 minutes left before my birthday officially ends.

but i too, (read ika's blog) am contemplating what should i write in here. so i checked back my previous 2 posts that i've wrote in here about my birthdays. ahh,,, still hard.

recap of my day.

6th october 2011.

i turned 22 in malaysia-time. received a lot of well-wishes from friends in facebook. like last year, i dont know why, but it makes me soo happy to see random friends who took their time off and thought of you :')

at midnight, i happily skyped with abah mama kakak lin and airaa. having to see her Boolat-ness is a blessing. i miss her so much! (should have put her in the bag to dublin.)

5 minutes later, my beautiful housemates came in with an Angry Bird birthday cake. we celebrated while my family watched through skype. to Pizu! it was perfect. Thank you!

next day, the girls ended up bringing me to the city. just for some time out. i was happily going to eat out with them, when they have secretly asked my Efa to join along too! we enjoyed a nice lunch-date together.

it was dark already when i went back home. i was already very much happy with how the day ended. alhamdulillah for everything. but unknowingly, downstairs was a bunch of sweet people preparing the best of surprise.

i was called and when i was outside the room, the house was dark, with candles here and there. romantic habis! and in the living room, amidst the darkness, figures of people start popping out in front of me and ika. and we were screaming. haha :) (this time around, i couldn't contain my tears anymore!)

there were another 2 delicious cakes, we talked, we filled ourselves up with glucose, we played games, they made us a veryyy sweet video, we took pictures, some presents-giving ceremony. and then it was time for some speech from both Ika and me.

the peak of my day was when they asked me to recite a doa. semua akan aminkan, with the hope that all the malaikat around us akan aminkan jugak. insyaAllah.

so i really took that chance. and what i recited, i meant them with all my heart, and it goes out to everyone, i hope. insyaAllah.

i've said this a thousand times and i shall say it again. alhamdulillah is the best word to describe my day. for all the blessings that Allah had given me. for giving me the chance to live with these people around me. alhamdulillah. for all the nikmat that you have given me.

and jazakumullahu khairan kathira. for everyone who has put a smile on my face and my heart. not just for today, not just for my birthdays, but for the past 22 years that i have lived. my prayer is that everyone of these people who have been a part of my life, significantly or not, will all end up in His Heaven, where there we shall meet happily again, under His Blessings. ameen ameen ya Rabb.

ps: and thank you facebook, for enabling me to see the hundreds of well-wishes from friends all around. and twitter too. and skype. and handphones. so much to be thankful for right now. hehe

to my future self, never stop saying alhamdulillah ;)

yours truly,
the birthday girl. :)


Syeera Saupi said...

Happy belated birthday Kak Izyan! :)

izyan.ariff said...

thank you dear ^,~

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