thank you for the flowers..

ask any girl. they'd be smiling from ear to ear should they receive a fresh bouquet of flowers. especially if it's from a special someone.

to awak: thank you very much. again, your flowers made my day. and made my room all smelling floweryyy of roses and lilies. i know this post seems weird. i think this must've been the 10th bouquet of flowers i've received from you (ke tak? tapi dah banyak la kan. hee.). have always planned on compiling them and posting it all. but the pictures from before were in the hard-disc that i left back home. nanti dah dapat i might upload them. or maybe tengok for my own self satisfaction. hehe. im posting this in my blog to show you how thankful i am. (and make people jealous.lolss)

here are some pictures.

fresh roses :) i love them soooo much!

and the other day, i went back home at about 6pm. to enter a room filled with the setting sunlight.
it was too beautiful T,T

and the room looked nice too.heheh

thank you so much for all the flowers and gifts. and most importantly for being there for me.
thank you for everything.
i pray for you all the happiness in the world. and the hereafter.

“ Engkau tersenyum di hadapan saudaramu adalah sedekah” 
Hadith riwayat Bukhari.

ouh. for those of you who's wondering who this special someone is?
it's my efa. hehe.
(sape tertipu ingat lelaki angkat tangan.hehe)

me + efa @ open house roebuck downs.

ps: sorry my future Mr Right (wherever you are). 
this girl beats you in the flower-giving department.

yours truly,
thankful for the friendship. ;)


Anonymous said...

haha. nice one.

Anonymous said...

hoho nice one.aa tetipo. *ankat tangan*

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