beza kita dan mereka

is by our intention: a.k.a niat.

a sister told us a story: "i headed to the grocery store the other day. buying the usual things, veggies what not. and when i reached home, i realized i didn't properly set my intention. ahhh..ruginya. jalan jauh-jauh, bawak balik barang berat-berat lagi. macam sia-sia."

i sat there amazed. of how i have somewhat forgotten of the first hadith in Hadith 40.

tentang membetulkan niat.

i had forgotten. that instilling the right intention is not just when we wanted to head for the 'bulatan gembira', or when you wanted to go to a religious talk. and definitely not just for your prayers, or your fasting etc. but it should be renewed all the time. all the time. every second and every minute of the day.

i'm heading to class. to gain ilmu. in hope that it'll make me closer to You.
i'm heading to the library, to study, so that i'll make it as medical doctor, and it'll make me closer to You.
i'm talking to my friends, about You, in hope that You'll protect us in the end.
i'm cleaning the kitchen, cuz i know You like cleanliness, and it's part of iman.
i'm wearing this hijab and this dress, because You wanted us to cover our aurat, and You'll protect us from hati yang berpenyakit.
i'm writing this blog, to write reminders, because You like it when we spread reminders. 

it all goes back to how our intentions relate us back to Him. then our life will be thoroughly fulfilled. 

but if we don't do that, then it all goes down to nothing. seperti mereka, the non-believers. who do things for themselves. for their self-satisfaction. guess why they're heading to the clubs, socializing, etc? because they don't have Allah to depend on. they don't have Allah to please. they don't know these. how sad their lives are kan?

but wont it be much sadder, for we who proclaim we are the Believers, yang dah tahu semua ni, tapi kita tak betulkan niat kita setiap masa pun. untuk Dia.

picture by ~under-fed of deviantart
edited by izyanariff

Daripada Amirul Mukminin Abu Hafsin ‘Umar ibn al-Katthab r.a. beliau berkata: Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

“Bahawa sesungguhnya setiap amalan itu bergantung kepada niat, dan bahawa sesungguhnya bagi setiap orang apa yang dia niatkan. Barangsiapa yang hijrahnya menuju kepada Allah dan RasulNya, maka hijrahnya kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Barangsiapa yang hijrahnya kerana dunia yang dia mahu mencari habuannya, atau kerana seorang perempuan yang dia mahu kahwininya, maka hijrahnya ke arah perkara yang ditujuinya itu.”


yours truly,
a Believer.


Aneesah said...

Salaam! Kebetulan baru baca another post yg related jugak:


"To my sixteen-year-old self I would say that sincerity is not to be solely examined in our actions but should be in our verbal statements, our trust in Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and His ultimate plan, as well in our character and mannerism. For example, showing Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that we truly trust Him, is to be sincere and authentic in our belief that the plan He has ordained is doubtlessly the best and most perfect plan for us."

Niat & keikhlasan, inter-related.

izyan.ariff said...


salam dear! heeee..thank you for introducing me that site! ^,^

yup. and to think that every aspect of life is inter-related. jom aim for perfection! :)

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