keaiban itu

by ~Muslim-Women of deviantart.

aurat = helaian rambut sahaja? [salah]

aurat = warna kulit sahaja? [salah]

aurat = bentuk badan sahaja? [salah]

aurat = kaki yang diexposed? [salah]

"yan tau tak aurat tu ape?" my sister asked me this previous summer holiday. it's just a rhetorical question, because she followed it with this "..keaiban."

"kira benda-benda yang kita kena tutup tu is benda-benda yang mengaibkan la kan? kira sepatutnya kita rasa malu untuk tunjuk."

true. the natural feeling Allah planted deep within every women. fitrah mereka. to feel ashamed and exposed if they were to incompletely cover theirs. and it's a feeling granted for both, Muslim or not.

one time, i read a book about a revert; who told her story of the first time she wanted to wear a bikini in public. she was sooo embarrassed but everybody was doing it already. to expose that much skin, was a courageous act. she tries so hard to overcome that feeling, because everybody will eventually do it. and thus, day by day, her fitrah slowly wears out. because then she was used to wearing shorts, the baby T's, ape-apelah.

another story is of a Muslim woman, an actress to be exact. how she ended up coming back to her fitrah, dengan izin Allah. her words struck me deep. one day, she suddenly decided to look for a hijab in her house. but she couldn't find any, and that saddens her to know that she is a Muslim yet there isn't one single hijab in her house. she wanted to go out but she cant. why? because she felt NAKED.

two similar stories, of the same fitrah. but one who looses it, and one who gains it. 

ruginya, kalau kita jadi orang yang hilang fitrah itu. bila semakin hari semakin nipis, semakin pendek, semakin ketat. 

i admit that i am nowhere near perfection in this department. and my every day is filled with a question: "have i covered enough?" but a slow improvement is way better than nothing at all. biar otak ini berfikir setiap kali; membetulkan niat; dan cuba faham bila berpakaian untuk menutup aurat. agar akhirnya ia diterima sebagai amal yang soleh, dan bukan hanya perbuatan yang baik.

and a reminder is always a reminder. no matter how bad of a person we are, the reminders need to keep going, to keep us going too. insyaAllah.

yours truly,
an imperfect being.


Madihah said...

salamalayk.. sorry mengganggu, nk tye lagu utk blog ni lagu ape ek.. its soothes my ears. feels like downloading one tp xdpt nk recall lagu ape..

izyan.ariff said...

@madihah; lagu 1 litre of tears :)

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