lelaki. baik macam mana pun, anak imam kampung? naqib? solat jemaah tak tinggal? but when they're faced with the biggest fitnah of all, WOMEN, they'd fail. unless they fight whole-heartedly. only then will Allah protect them.

but i guess many find it hard to fight whole-heartedly. buat benda betul, memang bukan senang.

i wonder, is it so hard for them to wait another few years, until they say "aku terima nikahnya Si Manis Si Cantik Si Lembut etc"?

lepas akad tu, buat la apa yang nak buat. nak teman berjalan-jalan? pegang tangan? masakkan nasi? berborak bagai nak rak? skype malam-malam? do all the sweet things that you can extract from all the mushy korean movies. semua dapat pahala. seriously.

but if you do all of that now, to that girl you 'like', who you're not even sure of where it will end, that will only tarnish your Love towards Him, the One that we are all supposed to be focusing at. tak dapat feel? fine. focus on your parents. have you loved them enough that you're so eager to find love in another?


perempuan pun sama. =,=''

yours truly,
who loves baby airaa so much :)


Rhazes said...

nice reminder

fUyUki said...

yan.. sy trjumpa video ni beberapa hari lepas.. nk share =))

sarah zainalputeh said...

assalamualaikum my dear sister in islam, saya nak minta izin copy post ni buleh ye? nak letak di blog. moga Allah redho :)

Aneesah said...

MashaAllah, well-written as always. Short and direct does it! :D

Re: "i wonder, is it so hard for them to wait another few years, until they say "aku terima nikahnya Si Manis Si Cantik Si Lembut etc"?" -- I do think it is difficult for them. But Islam gave the solution if they cannot wait -- get some guts and ask for her hand! I think we cannot avoid blaming culture for making the Halal way more difficult than it should be. =/

izyan.ariff said...

Ali name glamer Rhazes:
a reminder for me, you and everyone else too ;)

wuuu..suke that video.esp talk from kakak tu. i noe her! die tulis column solusi and husband die dr farhan hadi ke name? yg tulis buku cinta medik tak silap. hehe

salam. sila2 :)

jazakillah dear. true. our culture sort of makes all things difficult. what's with putting prices on the girls lagi. semua sbb ilmu yg cetek.wuwu~

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