that thing called Heart

by ~snul of deviantart.

you know it's wrong. if you were to explain the reasons, you just cant. but there's one indicator that won't lie. with or without reasons.which is the heart. and hopefully, with prayers, the heart is knocking inside you here and there. giving hints of what is right and what is wrong. and you just have to believe in it. believe that those knocks actually came directly from Above.

but sometimes you're just caught in the middle. doing things that you dont want to. and no matter how hard you try things just don't seem to budge. even though your heart is shrieking out to you that this is not you. what can you do? run away? 

no. it's time to raise your hand again. 
pray. that He's with you all the way. 
accept. that all things happen semua atas izin Dia juga.
believe. that He is the One who wants you to get through it. that He deliberately Plans it for you. 
try. to learn as much as you can from it too. 
because as much as you're living for yourself, you are also living with others. 
who might learn from you later on. 

life. that's just how it goes.


lastnight i was thinking. again. of what does blogging in here means to me? nak expose life semata-mata? is it that awesome or even too insignificant that the whole world gets to know about it? then an answer came to me. ikhlas ke tak jawapan ni? wallahua'lam. 

my answer: i hope that those reading the reminders i wrote in here, who i hope would gain from it even in the slightest bit, would be the witnesses for me Later on; you know that Day when we're asked of everything that we do? at least i want them and this blog, be a part of my answer, that while i was living, i tried doing my responsibility; to better myself, and reaching out for anyone out there to join me too. 


yours truly,
nak sambung study.

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