esok raye

the sound of mercun booming started right when we were breaking our last fast this year. they were coming from the neighbourhood and some were from far away too. macam ala-ala azan gitu. continuously booming. wonder jugak, bila la diorang sembahyang maghrib ni? tak bukak puasa ke? hm. kanak-kanak kecil mungkin.

i finished early and i went to perform my maghrib prayer, so that i can come back to the kitchen later and clean things up while shooing everybody else. by the time i finished, the booming of mercun was louder than ever. which leads me to think: they must have been very happy now that syawal is here. syok sakan main mercun. time azan isyak je berhenti kejap.
should we really be this happy 
that the holy month has left us?

should we really be this happy
 now that mr Devil has reported back for duty?

should we really be this happy 
that we have to face a staggering 11 months of cubaan dan dugaan,
while having to wonder if we can really ever make it to the next Ramadhan?

my answer is definitely no. we can never be too happy. not happy doesn't mean you can't smile or have some fun, doesn't mean you can't wear that new baju kurung, doesn't mean you cant indulge yourself with the biskut raya and lavish food. you can do all that, but moderately i guess. because if we question ourselves with the above, i think nobody can really truly enjoy the day.

tapi, Allah made it a special day for us. a celebration for those who were able to go back to their fitrah yang suci dan bersih. (note: last raya's post) another question though: did we managed to do so? wallahua'lam. lets just hope and pray that we all did. insyaAllah.

and Idul Fitri will remain as a day filled with blessings. too many sunnah you're able to do starting from your morning shower, wearing nice clothes, heading for the masjid for the Idul Fitri prayer, listening to the tazkirah, visiting your family and relatives, welcoming people to your house, bermaaf-maafan. phew.. countless chances of doing good deeds one could have ever imagined in just a day. so people, insyaAllah we have all made the best out of the holy month, so lets make the best out of tomorrow too; all to seek His Redha.

salam Idul Fitri semua.
mohon maaf di atas semua salah silap.
praying that you, me and all Muslims around the world are all under His Blessings.
ameen ;)

Daripada Umamah r.a. bahawasanya Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. telah bersabda:
"barang siapa mengerjakan amal ibadah pada malam Hari Raya Aidilfitri dengan mengharapkan keredaan Allah semata-mata hatinya tidak akan mati pada hari kiamat sebagaimana matinya hati orang-orang yang kafir."

goodbye Ramadhan paling cepat in my life. :')

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