pagi raya itu

amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. often heard, but always misunderstood for it's true meaning. i think many out there still think of it as saying, kita kena buat baik, tak boleh buat jahat. but truth is, it means menyuruh membuat kebaikan, dan melarang membuat kejahatan.  which is a responsibility of all of those who called themselves Muslim, but often neglected.

pagi raya. the khutbah raya this year was slightly longer than normal; so i can't really blame those who were sleepy. dulu, i often thought that many don't know the necessity of doing amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, because they were not told so. that's why they really don't know. or when they were told so, it wasn't explained properly. hence, the neglection. but i was amazed with how the khutbah went. after mentioning about all the wrong things in the society nowadays, he lead back to the key solution to it all: amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. and he was even giving some dalil from the al-Quran. and so, i thought back about the times when i dont even know about the need of dakwah (amar ma'ruf nahi munkar). perhaps i was like this. it was not the lack of reminders around us, but it's our own blind heart.

because that day, the whole time the ustaz was delivering the khutbah, i was also watching the crowd around me:

dalam banyak-banyak jemaah (wanita sahaja)
berapa kerat yang tak tertidur?

dalam banyak-banyak yang tak tertidur,
berapa kerat yang tak berbual?

dalam banyak-banyak yang tak berbual,
berapa kerat yang tengah dengar khutbah?

dalam banyak-banyak yang dengar khutbah,
berapa kerat yang cuba memahami?

dalam banyak-banyak yang cuba memahami,
berapa kerat yang cuba mengamalkan?

the answer: tak banyak.

obvious isn't it? nobody can be blamed but us. we are the ones who are not doing it. we are the ones who don't know we need to do it. we are the ones who don't seek the knowledge. because we just don't listen.

amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. it can be something very small to something huge. you can join the flotilla heading towards Gaza, or you can tell the kids to put the litter in the bins. both are still amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. perhaps one is definitely greater than the other. but what matters most is istiqamah. continuously doing it. because out there, there are so many people who wants and needs reminders of Allah. just like us.

despite how bad i am as His hamba, i just do what i can in this path. no matter how small it is. because it's an honorable responsibility.  

“Dan orang-orang yang beriman, lelaki dan perempuan, setengahnya menjadi penolong bagi setengahnya yang lain; mereka menyuruh berbuat kebaikan dan melarang daripada berbuat kejahatan dan mereka mendirikan sembahyang dan memberi zakat, serta taat kepada Allah dan RasulNya. Mereka itu akan diberi rahmat oleh Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana.” 
[at-Taubah: 71]


yang banyak kekurangan,

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