studying lagi. very tired as the brain has been working over-time for the past weeks. revising, forgetting, hating my own self, then realize Allah Controls all, and the same cycle again pretty much...

anyhow. suddenly rummaged through my *beg-make-up-jadi-tempat-letak-barang-ikut-suke-if-meja-messy* and found this paper. (and i even forget why i rummaged through it in the first place, thank you very much)

cute ain't eit? something so simple can brighten your day. thank you Iman. and this day had been one of the worst. i just realized i misdiagnosed people again in my exam today. ah well, i thank Allah i am not a practising doctor yet, i might have intoxicate people and even kill them! 

and yes people, i have lost a bunch of marks in that paper, but thankfully i am not one who dwells much on the past. [mode in denial. huhuhu. letih la belajar ni. nasib baik ibadat.heheh]

thank you Iman. this has brighten my day a lot. especially on a day that i feel like questioning again why am i not born a genius or something? T____T. exams. me dont likey.

ps: iman kamarul asri oi. double 'f' ok? lols :) *huggss*

pps: been meaning to upload some more pictures of things i want to keep in here. a gift from a friend that is. but haven't had time to do some touch ups on it. > putting it in the list of my post-exam activities insyaAllah.

lagi 4 paper to go. doakan :)


Iman said...

yan, I read this post and somehow forgot to drop a comment :)

itula i did feel like I wrote down something wrong (the missing f) but I was nervous at that time.. cz dengar suara - suara korang from bawah tanya kitorang tgh buat apa dkt atas.. cuak gila tkut kantoi..

yan, help pray for us yang belum habis exams.. eh mula pun belum.. bukan notts je tau.. semua2 insyaAllah :)

nanti datang la rumah lagi bila2.. sorryyy masa korang datang tak sempat nak layan best2!

- iman

izyan.ariff said...

hehe. iman dear ;) insyaAllah. my prayers goes to all of you budak2 comel UK ^^,

may Allah ease our ways. in exams, in studies, in tarbiyyah. in this short life generally~

hugss from Dublin. selamat bermujahadah syg!

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