thought of diverting my mind away from inflammations, tumours, arthritis, statins, amphotericin B,  and WHO's classification of functioning, disability and health. *hahaha.kasi sume kawan2 cuak bersama2* and yes to non-medics out there, we are cramming these things in our head. 

nak ingat semua? of course we cant. quoting from a friend,
"tak boleh ingat semua. tapi jangan tinggal semua."
finals in 2 days. doakan please? *jazakumullah*

anyways, so i clicked some links of news back in malaysia. watched quite a few of them. with different kinds of emotions la kan?

amused. watching a datuk who's taking oaths for whatever private reason he has, considering Islamic law doesnt work that way. *and the holding Quran terbalik was quite embarrassing, but it may be due to the reason that some Qurans' covers are pretty much the same whichever way you hold it* (husnuzon people)

inspired. watching an ustaz, reminding ever so clearly all the people with verses from the Quran of what exactly the consequences that they are facing with the actions they are taking.

shocked and sympathetic. towards arwah Aminulrasyhid's (am i spelling his name correct?) mom. wow. it has been a year already since his death. His Mom's questions at the end of the interview was relevant; more or less what she said was "kalau jadi kat keluarga mereka, mereka duduk diam ke?"

down. down and down. +scared a bit. watching parents revealing their stories of how their kids are suddenly detained for no apparent reasons, being beaten up by the cops for weeks to months, forced to admit to crimes that they haven't committed.


these are just my mere perspectives of how i see things back in Malaysia. and they might be just assumptions for i know nothing much of what's really happening and media is my only source of input. malaysiakini to be exact. *i think it's the most truthful source out there.sila google sendiri*

at the end of my 'tengok-apa-jadi-kat-malaysia-sikit-sebab-saya-anak-malaysia' session; i am neither proud nor happy of what's becoming of our homeland. the basis of all the problems is pretty obvious; we are not following Allah's Guidelines in whatever that we do. but bringing others back to The Guidelines is not an easy job either. heck, even bringing my own self to The Guidelines is hard. but the effort has to be made. no matter how small it is. not just for you but for others around you too.

because in the end, Allah is the one who Controls all. it's part of Qada' and Qadar. so after watching all of the corruptions and injustice what-not, all i can conclude is; all these happened for reasons. reasons for each individuals involved in them. and reasons for us too who are watching from the sidelines.


we are too old to not give a damn about all these matters and 
continue reading books, and playing facebook, 
uploading pictures posing with 'hearts' and 'peace';
but too young to have much say in what is happening.

thus, in Allah we put our trust.

"…Dan adalah ketetapan Allah itu suatu ketetapan yang pasti berlaku." [Al-Ahzab:38]

"Sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan segala sesuatu menurut ukuran."
[Al-Qamar: 49]

someone with differing emotions but not emotional. :)

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