org kata: rumahku syurgaku.
i'd say; bilikku syurgaku. 

(reaction: awkward silence....*some cengkerik*)

and the best part of all my rooms here in Ireland, is the view.
for almost 2 years, my room has always been one facing the sunrise. *link1*
but for the next year (and coming years i hope),
i'll be watching sunsets instead.

no matter how much we try to capture the beautiful sights,
nothing can be compared to the real views we can actually see.
and to be able to see how beautiful Allah's creations are,
one can only imagine how the Creator is.

and the fact of the matter is, He Gives us the chance.
with a condition that we do everything we can first, now;
for that chance to See Him, later. :')

and we will work hard for that chance.
won't we?
we all will.

yours truly,
someone who likes coordinating colours for her room :)


iman said...

salam alaik :)

kenape orang2 eire lately promote bilik ni ? :p

izyan.ariff said...

hahaha ;)

ye ke? me baru pindah rumah baru.
post kakak tgk.ngeee.


maybe... exam-in-2-weeks stress?

kakak said...

nice.looks more comfortable than previous room.hopefully u'll be able to focus better?

love u syg.

ps:and i LOVE that blue guitar :)

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