one day left

*16yearold home. im gonna totally miss it. =(

hm..i have only one day left to enjoy home.
cant believe that all have come down to this.

a few years back, after SPM, Allah uji sket. back then, it seems like my dream of going to ireland is quite impossible. but since that day, i learnt that everything happens for a reason. i am very much thankful to how things revolved around me.

abah panggil tadi, he asked me, whether i still remember my spm days. how Allah gave a very small ujian for me? yet now, He gave more than what i wished for. i just smiled. what he didnt know was, i remembered it every single day. the day i didnt get any interview, the day you went with me to KL (thank you abah n mama for being there with me), the day i went to ACMS, the day i got that phone call from MARA, the day i went to register in KMB, the day i went to IUMC's interview, the day Miss Shereen texted my result, the day we're in Madinah where i got the text message from Lyn..

i am thankful Abah..I keep in my heart that Allah always knows best. by testing me, he kept me grounded for years to come. because ever since what happened, i know that it was just to make me remember, that I can plan whatever i want in my life, but He will ALWAYS be the one to DECIDE.. what's going to happen. =)

one day left, and ill be leaving home.
next stop: IRELAND.
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