"the best 12 days"

*outside masjidil haram. i miss this so much.isk. sorry abah..im tall.=)*

it was 11pm. after isyak. we just came back from masjidil haram and abah & mama brought me and my siblings to the kebab shop they love to go to during their Haji.

we were in the room indulging ourselves with these kebabs, when abah suddenly said;

"ok. anak2 abah. this is 'the 12 best days' for me.."
abah continued on. (secret la.. those were sacred words for us siblings..isk2)

even at that time, i know that it was true. there were truly no better name to give to the days that we have there. it doesnt mean that the days there were all perfect. what with the scorching hot sun, oven-like temperature, chapped lips, kulit menggelupas etc. but yes, it remain the best 12 days to us. i know that it will be the best 12 days of my life. i might have other best days (graduation ke..hari kawin nti ke?etc) but nothing can make me feel the way i feel there.

was it a family trip? kind of. but it was definitely a special one. we were there together, i was with the most important people in my life.(abah,mama,kakak,abe n lin) and we were there to be close to Our Creator. bukan bersuka suki..bukan nk enjoy..bukan sebab dunia.. tp nk dekatkan diri dgn Allah. The One who had given us all the Nikmat that we dont even deserve considering what we have done.

kat sane, i learnt a lot about Izin Allah. everything happens if Allah let it. Without Izin Allah, we wouldnt even be there in the first place. so Alhamdulillah. i could only pray and pray and thank Him for all the chances He gave us. the chance of going there is already more that what we hoped for. but the chances He gave us to do all the things that we did there,i couldnt even describe it.

masjid nabawi, makam Rasulullah SAW, Raudhah, jabal Uhud, perkuburan As-Syuhada, Jabal Rahmah, Gua Hira', Gua Thur, Masjid Qiblatain, Bir Ali, Tanaim, Ja'ranah, Masjidil Haram, Bab As-Salam, Safa wa Marwah, Hijr Ismail, Makam Ibrahim, the list goes on. and finally Kaabah.. these are the places that ive only read about.never yet imagined of being there. now, each have their own story that im going to cherish and think of. whenever and wherever i can. InsyaAllah.

the feelings i had was priceless. thinking of it alone makes me feel really small & insignificant. makes me think of how Gracious Allah is to us..i miss everything. =(

May the 12 best days be remembered, all our life.
to abah & mama, thank you for bringing us there. i love you.
to kakak, abe & lin,, i love you girls. and guy~
next time, it will be us taking abah and mama there k. insyaAllah..=)

in the name of Allah,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.


plain_jane said...

alhamdulillah family yan selamat pergi dan kembali :)

i cant wait to experience the feeling myself :)

kakak said...


izyan.ariff said...

thank kak jenny~ =)
insyaAllah you will..ameen~

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