finally home

*it does seem like life was back to normal*

ive been away for only 18 days. now im finally back home. a lot has happened. my life had been hectic. ive a lot of memories and thoughts that im planning on sharing. because apparently most of them are already threatening to be forgotten. but these memories are very priceless to me, so i have to write something that can keep those memories in these God-given brain of mine.

looking at my fb profile, seems like there's a gap there. i went to umrah, and 2 weeks later, im back but it was filled with grad pics, pre-dep etc.. the truth is, my mind and soul is always wishing that im still there.

so, i might write a few posts tonight. there are some things that i want to be remembered in here. i dedicate sum of it to my sister too should she be reading it. (which i know you will) hehe. =)

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