if i were a teenager.

the other day, i saw a status in facebook which caught my interest. it was just another teenage-angsty statement about relationships. which i commented on, (i swear it was total reflex. i rarely comment on posts other than my friends'). i turned the whole statement around, giving it a little hint of reminders. but apparently this act has been misread by the girl in question. saying that i had embarassed her instead. adoih.. (no worries. i confirmed it with others, and it was purely misinterpretations. *peluh kecil*)


and so here comes my post for today.

if i were a teenager today;
i truly don't know how i would survive this period of time.
with the awesome gadgets that everyone is having,
an access to the world with no barriers.
being able to see everything to anything that i want,
i'm not sure if i would be able to juggle all of them coming my way.

if i were a teenager today;
i shudder to think how i would uphold myself,
when the world around me is moving so fast.
thinking back to the little principles that i have built,
and the little knowledge that i had gained,
i don't think they would be enough to keep me safe;
from following what's right, rather than following what's in.

if i were a teenager today;
i guess i would be worried at all times;
living under the scrutiny of others,
or perhaps worried-sick just trying to live up to others.
because i might be referring all my actions to the world around me;
what's the latest gadgets?
what's the latest hijab style?
what's the latest accessories in trend?

if i were a teenager today;
i think i would lose a hell lot of time.
when i need to watch the latest K-dramas my friends are discussing in school.
when i have to watch the latest videos of justin Bieber and his baby-boo.
when i have to look for the latest fashion updates from Poplook,
when i have to check the latest gossip of this girl from that other school.
sigh~ because i would be doing what everybody else is doing, won't i?

but thankfully, i'm not a teenager today.

and so i wish to tell these young hearts, that they are living in a crazy world right now. a world where everyone is growing up too fast, that so many are actually stumbling and falling just trying to catch up.

i wish to tell these young hearts, that they should stop following what the world is doing,  because most of them are just things that they will definitely regret, when they look back in a few years time.

i wish i could tell so many things to these young hearts. because the least i could do is remind them whenever and wherever i can. i have not experienced much, because let's face it, i'm only a few years older than them. but do we have to experience everything before we can give others some words of wisdom?

but then again,

when things like this happened - the misunderstanding - it made me think; this is the period that they need to face. perhaps, they just have to make their own mistakes. perhaps, they just have to trip here and there, and even fall down, in order for them to learn to get back up. and all we can do, is to remind them from the sidelines. but it's always their choice either to listen or not. 

because those falling and tripping, those mistakes; 
they are what make us humans; 
hamba Allah yang sentiasa lemah, 
dan memerlukan pertolongan-Nya

as for the reminders? it's just a cycle of life that keeps on going. 

we remind others, 
with the hope that we would always be reminded by others.


to you little girl,
i'm sorry if this kakak's intention seems different to you.
but i always pray that things will turn out well, insyaAllah. for me and you. :)


ahlan wa sahlan;
Ramadhan Phase 3.
semoga kita semua bertemu Lailatul Qadr. 
Aamiin. :)

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