Senyum Semanis Gula


as Aidilfitri draws closer, baju raya-hunting is unavoidable. it's not wrong, adat ber'hari raya' is a huge part of the society we're living in. so do your hunting, so long as you're hunting for all ibadat in this blessed Ramadhan too! *kofkof* especially Lailatul Qadr-hunting.

anyhow, the occasional visits (or maybe more =,='') to facebook lead me to a bunch of online shopping sites/pages. looks like this particular industry is blooming quite well in Malaysia, huh? from baju kurung to dresses to shawls to tudung bawals. seriously, almost everything is on facebook now. 

in the midst of browsing through the pictures, one thing seems to bother me though; the very beautiful ladies donning them. seriously, here i am, just another girl, who is actually looking for scarfs; ended up mesmerized at the beauties in the sites first, and i had to mentally slap myself to focus back to whatever it is that i was looking for in the first place. 

it made me wonder, what happens if guys look at these? and almost on cue; the first comment below the picture was complimenting the girl in such a creepy stalker-ish way that you get goosebumps just reading it. and yes, the one who commented was like a 40-year-old uncle or something. *shivers*


one can only wonder and marvel at the abundance of beautiful malaysians thanks to these social networks. but it really bothers me. they themselves are beauties; and donning themselves in beautiful clothes and a huge amount of make-up for those smokey green eyes, and the best possible angle to take their pictures only just increase themselves up a notch. but isn't it too...'out there'? making themselves so vulnerable to the likes of the random creepy pakcik?

i don't know. some may say, "ikut suka hati lah. tak suka jangan tengok."
or they may say, "dah kerja modelling. you muka sposen you tak faham semua ni.."
or maybe, "pakcik tu lah yang salah. gatal sangat kenapa?"
or even, "cik izyan. awak pun ada gambar situ sini nak cakap orang." =,='' 
(muka sposen pun kena jaga.sobs)

true. i am just another weak being who still need to make a whole bunch of changes to better myself. but like i always said, we remind others, so that we will be reminded by others. 

so my take on this? hm. truthfully, i am just as wobbly about my principles as everybody else. and the best one to talk about this is definitely those beautiful ladies who wear the niqab. (agh..diri ini sangat hampeh) but it's just that to me, i'd rather stand by this:

dear Ladies;
Smile; because it's Sadaqah. 
don't Smile, if it's to Attract. 

and i end this with quoting Ustaz Zaharuddin from one of his talks i've heard before;

"lelaki suka bila dipuji tentang kejayaan dia.
perempuan suka bila dipuji tentang kecantikan dia."

rather hard to swallow, no?


yours truly;
just another post makan dalam. =,=''

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Shahirah Zainol said...

couldnt agree more kak yan ^^

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