Flowery Feelings :)


phone conversation;

Kakak: abah, kakak depan rumah dah ni.
abah: huh? depan rumah? (and he literally went to the window to peek.) *my heart breaks.huhu~*
kakak: depan rumah kakak la.hehe~

conversation in the kitchen;

mama: yan, kalau kita drive je pegi tak boleh ke?
me: drive kl? adoi jauh mama. letih nanti.
mama: kalau 2 jam mama gi everyday tengok anak-anak mama.  *ugh..kill me already~*


gah.. it breaks my heart that abah and mama miss them so much. and me and lin can only act as professional as we could, going along with their flow. being sympathetic all the time, throwing the right words; but stealing winks and evil glints from behind. heheh. 

alhamdulillah, it started with kak ita's lovely surprise to abe; buying him tickets for kelantan for his birthday. hehe. that got abe googly-eyed for sure. love you kak ita for starting all this!

because surely kakak couldn't stop herself from planning to come back too. what with Airaa's birthday coming up soon. the best possible way is to have kakak, abe Ammar and Boolat Airaa here with us, kan? :)

so now, only 2 days away before their coming-back; all five of them, though abe is a little bit later than kakak. all plans are in place now, alhamdulillah. so with His Will, i pray that all these surprises work their wonders, and fill abah and mama's hearts, in the best possible way. 

hoping our little effort to make them happy,
would give them their much-deserved flowery feelings. 
Aamiin :)

and here's a hadith to ponder on;

‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr radhiallahu 'anh menerangkan bahawa seorang lelaki datang kepada Nabi shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam dan berkata:
“Sesungguhnya aku datang untuk memberi janji taat setia (bai‘ah) kepada engkau untuk berhijrah, akan tetapi aku meninggalkan kedua orang tuaku dalam keadaan menangis.” 
Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam berkata kepadanya:
“Kembalilah kepada mereka berdua dan jadikanlah mereka berdua ketawa (gembirakanlah mereka) sebagaimana kamu jadikan mereka menangis.
[Sahih: al-Nasa'i]

ps: and here's a good read for hadiths related to parents :) may it benefit.

pps: if i write 'surprises' in the search box, i bet there'd be a whole bunch of  entries for the surprises we've made. hehe :)  i might have to keep them in track now. but one thing for sure, they always work wonders :) have a go yourself! make our parents happy~ Redha Allah terletak pada redha ibubapa kan? salam :)


ateyyyy said...

I miss home T.T
Lovely post Sis <3

hanabunga said...

Love to read your blog kakyan :)

izyan.ariff said...

@ateyy: thank you dear :)

@hanabunga: alhamdulillah. doakan kak yan will you? hehe :)

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