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melihat mereka yang membuka keburukan orang lain. i don't deny the wrong things done. and i do agree that we have to tell them that it's wrong. but aren't there a whole bunch of other ways that won't involve us embarrassing others? or 'bad-mouthing' others? even if it's meant as a teguran, does it have to be done publicly? dig deep people. are we so desperate that we can't just find any other means to do so? but husnuzon (bersangka baik) it is. it's just a teguran, insyaAllah.

when people often use the excuse that we meant good (read: niat yang baik), or it's for their best interest, when we choose to do some things that doesn't seem quite right? must we all be reminded over and over again, that good intentions can never really be an excuse for wrongdoings? (read: niat tak menghalalkan cara?)

melihat budaya orang Melayu. sopan hanya bertempat. rendah diri hanya bertempat. sabar hanya bertempat. we can see these on the streets. i saw a car trying to join the moving traffic the other day, yet nobody stops to give him way, despite the traffic-light ahead showing a bright Red Light.
i saw a woman who was busy packing food, entertaining the whole bunch of customers, melimpah-ruah so they say; and when we asked a question politely, all she did was respond in annoyance, with a look of "can't you see i'm busy?". ouch.

and this is only an inkling of all the weird things i saw, heard or read. but i guess all these Pelik(s) will always be around us, because it signifies the weaknesses that we have within ourselves. so it's not totally wrong to have them. it just means that we have to work hard on changing ourselves for the better. and as for 'this' society that we're living in, it'll take hard work to change it. but we can always start with ourselves. :)

but looking from another perspective, being Pelik is not so bad after all. so let's change from being the above kind of Pelik, to the one mentioned in this hadith, insyaAllah. :)

 بدأ الإسلام غريبًا، وسيعود غريبًا كما بدأ، فَطُوبي للغرباء

"Islam began as something strange and it will return strange as it began, 
so glad tidings for the strangers"
[Sahih Muslim]

Yours truly,
just another Pelik being,
trying hard to be the better 'stranger'. :)


CheCardio said...

ghuraba'. well-said indeed. =D

Aneesah said...

Sangat 'ouch' kadang2. @_@

I think it's true, in every culture there are certain "penyakit"s, I call them. Diseases that have been embedded and carried on from generation to generation, that many of us don't realise that the habits we have are unhealthy, that such manners are not parallel to what Islam asks of us. It's so important to check and re-check and remind and be reminded.

Like you said, "and as for 'this' society that we're living in, it'll take hard work to change it. but we can always start with ourselves. :)
" Thank you for that. :)

nurnuha said...

I love the way you portray things. Its so subtle almost
Not seen but clearly obvious.. :) glad o found ur blog..

izyan.ariff said...

@checardio: yup. ghuraba :)

i remembered readind ur status the other day. mase pegi pejabat visa or somthing. *sigh* takpe lah. we can start. dont wait for others :)

glad im able to provide u some writings sist (with His Will)
do drop by more often. and drop me some doa too.hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Salam! Been reading your blog up to here, this is s very good blog, ukhti.

There is this pakcik (ustaz actually) located somewhere in Indonesia. He once gave us a new interpretation to the hadeeth sbout ghuraba.

He said "islam datang sebagai asing dan ia akan kembali asing, maka bergembiralah orang orang yang asing" then he gave us this really weird 'huh' face and said "masak orang asing boleh bergembira?"

He then said, "gharib juga bermakna kejutan, kalau kita mendapat satu kejutan, kan kita gembira, jadi sepatutnya hadis itu dibaca begini, islam datang sebagai satu kejutan, dan ia akan kembali menjadi satu kejutan, maka bergembiralah raing-orang yang membuat kejutan"

All of us had a huge grin on our faces after that. :)

izyan.ariff said...

W'salam Amy :)

That's a 'surprise' for me. Hehe. Never heard of that interpretation before, jazakillah for sharing dear! :)

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