mind rant 7#

bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

1. Mercy
in those moments, that we are praying. dahi bertemu sejadah. in those moments, where the world outside is still; can we feel it? His Mercy upon our shoulders?

never let those Qiam be just another ritual. especially in this holy Month. feel it in our hearts; His Mercy for waking us up. His Mercy for taking away that sleepiness. His Mercy for choosing us, putting us among those who prostate to Him in those hours. 
Alhamdulillah. memang takkan pernah cukup kan?

2. Humble
Sultan Kelate came to the mosque today, joining the tarawikh. i didn't know, only realizing it when suddenly the huge TV at the Muslimah side was suddenly switched on. we waited for a while, filling it with ayatul Quran. when he arrived, i caught a glimpse of the jubah-clad sultan and his kopiah. i cant help but smiled. :) *then the TV was switched off.*

hebatnya, bila hati disentuh Allah. everyone can tell that he's one of a kind. with the upbringing, with the society we are living in, one would surely feel a little bit high and mighty above others. susah. memang susah nak turun ke bawah, bila diangkat ke atas. and for him to leave things behind, is a huge achievement. prayers kepada Sultan. prayers kepada semua pemimpin. semoga semua bertambah baik. insyaAllah :)

3. Hati
aahh..that seketul daging again. words formed in my head today about this seketul daging.

No matter how hard i guard it;
no matter how strong i think i have turned it into,
making promises to others that this little one is different than others;

this little Heart can never lie to the one who owns it,
for there will always be that soft spot;
which tear so easily, and so subtly;
that when it does, you can never do much about it,
you're hurt. no rewinding. you're just hurt.

but it's okay, because that soft spot heals easily too,
only and only if it seeks the right Healer, the one Who Heals All - Allah s.w.t;
so i guess all is well. as always. have faith.

4. Ni'mat
lingered a bit longer tonight in abah-mama's room when i was saying goodnight. so i squeezed into their bed for a  while. complying to whatever it is they want. kejap urut tangan mama. then urut tangan abah. then kene garu belakang abah. then gosok kaki mama. then abah suruh urut bahu abah tersalah urat, which i did carelessly, acting up as a thai masseuse from hatyai with very thick accent. that got them smiling, despite the very bad massage i gave :)

kissed them on the cheeks, switched off the lamps, said my salam, and locked the door behind me. Alhamdulillah, for another day that Allah allows me to have them. thoughts flew back to a few nights back. when on the 1st Ramadhan, my junior lost her father. few days later, another junior lost her mother. Allahu Allah. kuatkan mereka. for i cannot imagine if i were to face the same fate. but that's Qada and Qadar. What He Wills, will happen eventually, and nobody can stop it. so do what we do best, make the best out of the time we have, lillahi taala. insyaAllah :')

5. Perfection
"what can we offer to others?" a question popped.
" effort; to give. to not expect. all the while to strive for His Redha. InsyaAllah."
is that a perfect answer? wallahua'lam. it's perfect for me.

semoga kita semua dijemput malam ni.
selamat berQiam. selamat berTahajjud. selamat bersahur.

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