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spent an hour or so on the phone today, calling home :) and one of mama's advice today was, "jangan tengok benda-benda mengarut (not beneficial)."

i was too lazy to study, and so i thought of watching a movie. because over the weekdays i have made the mistakes of watching benda-benda lagho countless times. huhu. may He Forgives. anyways, i was searching for a movie on The Crusades, when i stumbled upon this movie instead. an old movie really. i'm pretty sure many have watched this.

do click it if you want to watch it.

and try not to read this post, if you don't want any spoilers.

my expectation? just a movie depicting the life of a beloved Prophet. boy, was i wrong. the movie left me  crying under the duvet countless times. amazingly, i didn't cry for the movie, but i cried for the realizations from watching it. :'(

i wondered a lot. if we were in those times, will we be one of those believers, when the Prophet starts telling us about the Jins and Syaitoon? or will we be among those who called him Liars? will we be the ones who gets possessed because of our dark hearts? or be the ones who were sheltered by Iman? will we be like those who repent in the movies shamefully? "shame on us..shame on us!" they yelled. yes, shame on us. :'( 

these are some of my favourite scenes.
which all left me sobbing into my pillow tadi. 
*note: have to change my sheet* huhu.

.."O Allah, You the One and only Creator, and everything I have.
You are all i have in this world.
O all my hope and my shelter,
O the one who i have no other refuge besides you.
And bring my entire grief and misery before you.
so only you, who are my God, stand to save me!
O God, your Mercy is so much that
knowing my feeble condition and weak body, You would not desert me alone.."

"O God, turn our heart strong again with the light of faith,
so we can raise war against your enemy and wickedness,
and defeat Evil for you."

this scene really breaks my heart.
especially when they said it aloud.
showing their submission to Him and only Him.
goes to show that's just all we need. 
our Protector. :'(

nothing special for this post really. i just thought of sharing my reflections from the movie itself; the least i could do on a day filled with barakah like this (note: Friday). overall, it's a movie that teaches about submission to Allah, freeing ourselves from the grasps of syaitoooonirrojim, and most importantly, to repent for the sins we have done. because truly, we are never free of them. so for those who are planning on enjoying this movie later on this weekend, i only have one advise: 
Watch it with the Heart. :')

have a blessed weekend peeps.

*link for some background of the movie. click*


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