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i write this post in dedication to my tak-seibu-sebapa-big bro and his team, who had successfully managed a great beneficial event in Southampton. Allah’s blessings all the way. praying that this event has only strengthen our iman, especially those involved in it directly and indirectly, and everyone whose heart has been touched by what they have gained from it, insyaAllah. 


earlier today i have seen so many tweets and my newsfeed was filled with Love this and Love that. it got me smiling really. especially for the first session of the event, which im guessing the talk was about the know-hows in raising children. 

why i was smiling? because most of the quotes posted, were things that i have been through and still am. i thank Allah. because He has given me my abah and mama, who has brought us up in the best possible way. 

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. 
it’s the only kalimah that can describe how i felt for being blessed with the two people. 

so many quotes i’ve read, and so many i wish to share in here. but maybe i will share them one by one insyaAllah if i have the time. i don’t want to bombard the readers with too much love; nanti angau. hehe ;). So, here is one for today.


“saying I Love You to non mahram, 
is easier than saying it to your parents.” 

i have always been a homey-person. so i guess that has gotten me less exposed to how others lived their lives. i was a bit late in realizing that not everybody says “I Love You” that easily to their family. some find it really awkward. some find their tongue would go extra stiff. some don’t even bother. some have never said it once. huhu. =,=’’ 

but in my household, these 3 words are essential. I Love You’s end our phone conversations. I love You’s end our nights before we go to sleep. I Love You’s start our morning when we entered the kitchen groggily to eat breakfast Mama had prepared. I Love You’s are shouted from the bathroom because Abah is about to go out to work, and we were in the middle of shampooing. 

some say: “tak nak lah. nanti jadi tak precious dah bila selalu cakap.” 
maybe. everybody have their own ways, their own thoughts and their own styles. but i beg to differ in this opinion. because in my experience, saying those 3 words for 22 years now, to all those people i love and care for dearly; had never ever changed the meaning behind them words in a slightest bit. precious still, insyaAllah. 

i never felt that those words are not genuine. because everytime i hear them, i know that they came from the heart. you don’t need specific things, or events to say I Love You. because in essence, we love them all the time. kan? 

let say if there are ever a time when we say I Love You and yet, we don’t really ‘feel’ it. i guess the frequency is not something to be blamed. Rather, we ourselves are the ones to be blamed. what makes out heart so rock-stiffed, that we don’t even mean the thing we said? tepuk dada, Tanya iman. 

it’s like saying Alhamdulillah. being grateful to Allah. bersyukur. that’s when we will say it. so, does saying Alhamdulillah all the time, make us any less grateful to Allah? no. but if we do felt that it don’t mean a thing, it’s the heart that’s the problem. why are we saying Alhamdulillah, when we are not even thankful to Allah? macam tu lah I Love You pun. 

if i ever have my way, i would ask everyone around me to make sure that they say I Love You to their loved ones. “cheesy sangatlah.”. fine. change it to; “sayang sangat!” still cheesy? whatever. we all became extra cheesy with non-mahrams in those mendekati-zina-relationships, saying I Love You only after 7 days of knowing one another? yet we give all different reasons not to say so to those who watched us growing up for the past 22 or whataver years we have lived. that’s just bizarre, don’t you think? 

like i said before, saying I Love You’s is a common thing in my life, Alhamdulillah. and it is one of those things that make me felt content. one of those things that kept me thankful to Allah all the time. it filled every part of my heart really. to be able to hear them words constantly by the people i love. not just from my Abah and Mama, but from Kakak, from Abe, and from Lin. *and from friends too.ngee~* and the best part is, i can say I Love You anytime and anywhere too. 

Mama is cooking in the kitchen. and i would hug my very cute Mama, plant a kiss on her cheek, and say; 
“I Love You, Mama.” 

Abah is reading his newspaper intently in the living room, i would just go peek around his paper, 
plant a kiss on his cheek and say; 
“I Love You, Abah.” 

Kakak is making her usual jokes and lawak badut that makes me giggle so much, and i would plant a kiss on her cheek and say; 
“I Love You, Kakak.” 

Abe is busy helping me out with gadgets and techs that i don’t understand, 
explaining things for the 100th time that i still won’t understand, and i would plant a kiss on his cheek and say, 
“I Love You, Abe.” 

Lin is so intense in her studying, finishing her piles of homework from school, 
and i can always go and plant a kiss on her cheek, and say; 
“I love You, sayang.” 

i am thankful that i am able to do all this, and will continue to do so insyaAllah, for the rest of my life. and they have never been awkward. because these are all the things they had done to me. and what’s best, they sometimes do it without me knowing about it. when i would find myself stirred from my sleep, only to feel that Abah or Mama had just kissed me goodnite and saying “I love you sayang” without even expecting for a reply. and it’s always things like this that made me so sure that, it doesn’t matter how many times we say it, what matters most is we mean it everytime we do. insyaAllah. 

so start now. it might be awkward and stiff the first time, but you’d lose so much more if you haven’t even tried it once. but again, everybody is different in expressing their love. this is just a way that i have been brought up in, and i wish to continue it to my own kids one day too insyaAllah. *and perhaps extending them to my anak-anak buah as well. mwahaha.* 

sometimes, love can be expressed more bluntly. it’s just fitrah.
and i just love expressing my love towards others; 
i believe it makes others happy too; 
indirectly, He will be happy too. 

praying this will be considered as an ibadat. Ameen.

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam bersabda :
إذا أحب أحدكم أخاه فى الله، فليعلمه، فإنه أبقى في الألفة وأثبت في المودة.
“Apabila salah seorang dari kamu mencintai saudaranya karena Allah, hendaklah ia memberitahu kepadanya, karena hal itu dapat mengeratkan kasih sayang dan memperkuat rasa cinta.” 


Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam bersabda dalam sebuah riwayat dari Rabbnya :
قال الله تعالى: حقت محبتي للمتحابين في.
“Allah berfirman : “Cinta-Ku telah ditetapkan bagi siapa saja yang saling mencintai karena Aku”.



White Dress said...

Haih yan ni x lama dah ni. Haha. :p

izyan.ariff said...

@lyn syg~

haha. tade kaitan pn..T,T

haih~ i wish.sobs.
ameenkan je la.
huhu~ =,='

aifaa said...

i always love how u put little things into perspective like this.makes me feel a little bit more grateful. :') i'm also grateful that abe ammar is also very easy with saying i love u every single day.

i love you. ♥

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

hai,gurls...nk nyebuk jugak kt cni..k'imi stuju ngan aifaa...the way u put ur life story & routine into words is so impressive...and may change others' perspectives :))
keep it up gurl...enjoy reading ur entries & knowing ur thoughts..jemput follow k'imi yg sgt xseberapa tu,ye :))
take care :))

izyan.ariff said...

@kakak :)

heheh. these things are always in the back of our heads pn kan? it's just i want others to feel it too iA~

laf to u too.heheh :P

izyan.ariff said...

@kak imi:

jazakillah akak :) that's what i aim on doing iA. not to just merely tell others about my life. huhu~
and thank you so much for visiting! these comments would always boost my spirit in so many ways. hee~
iA will do. take care of u and the very beautiful family too! :)

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