stress-relief :)

we'll be having a 3-day weekend this time. alhamdulillah :)
it's waaay past midnight. 
i've just finished some new look for my alter-ego. 
puas hati ku. mwahahaha~
i like making cute stuff. matching colours. finding cute pics. looking for good quotes.

reflection for today?
much really.
of late, been thinking of ujian again.
how ungrateful we are, for being so weak with small ujian.
padahal orang lain jauh lagi besar ujian mereka. 

forgive me ya Allah,
for i easily forget.

some pictures i found on chocolates.
i started the weekends with high sugar. (as seen in facebook).
seems it might be that way the whole weekend.
gemok. :P

sorry for the rants.
i promise to write some 'food for soul' the next time.
happy weekend!

1. gahh~~ i took them all. no wonder the diet never works. T_T 

2. looking forward to a good weekend. with books, reminders, family time..and cakes? ;)


3. and drinking lots and lots of caffein. - this will kill me someday. haih~


4. and some of this...? *there's some truth behind it really*
feelings? yes.
thoughts? definitely.
memories? none yet.
and one person who has yet to come.
nowhere near this. prayers are all i've got.
*sorry. layan fitrah jap. i am a normal being. heh*

goodnight world.
be good to everyone.
Allah is Watching. 


Shahirah Zainol said...

haha kak yannn, shirah pi sana nnt jom buat donuttt ^^

izyan.ariff said...

@shirah :)

jomm~ dear,,,,jadi ke tak dtg ni? kak yan confuse~ aritu kak pika ckp cancel.huhu~

but if u do come!mmg kene buat donut! *nti beli donut maker la.hehe*

Shahirah Zainol said...

haha xyah donut maker pun boleyyyy tau ^^ emm, xtau lagi lah kak yan boleh pi ka dak. im trying my best to make it possible!

izyan.ariff said...

@shirah :)

alaa~cuz dulu kak yan penah wat. the rupa is very ugly~last2 wat bentuk sendiri.hehe~

orite no worries. be great if ur there! take care syg~ kak yan dgr cite latest from kak pika. wuu~ scaryy T,T

not every registered Islam is a muslim. haih~

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