True Love

it was my turn to cook today. and as usual, earphones in; i just let the 4GB worth of random-songs-i-dont-know-where-they-came-from to shuffle freely. i'd usually try and make the effort to change any songs that i am not familiar with, but since my hands were full with chickens and stuff, i just let it be. and a song was playing, one that i am not familiar with. but the lyrics caught me; especially at the chorus part:

"And if you should ever leave me,
i will crumble.
that's just the way i am,
i hope you never leave me."


we grew up watching movies or romantic dramas that gave us all that flowery feeling; especially upon seeing scenes where guys crumbled over the girls that they totally love. and we'd go "awww...it's so..sweet. tsk tsk." don't get me wrong, i'd fall for all those movies too. but in reality, i pray that the one Allah Chooses to love me will not be the one like in those lyrics. romantic? maybe. true love? no.

what's true love? and i don't mean the love towards our Creator or our Rasul. and i'm not implying the love for parents/family/friends either. yes, takyah pura-pura taktahu. it's that love that keeps us all wondering and anxious; the love between a man and a woman. 

so how would you define a true love?
one between a guy and a girl and ending up in marriage? hmm...=,=''
one between a guy and a girl, and was opposed by keluarga dan harta, but yet it prevails? double hmm... =.=''
one between a guy and a girl, and it lasts till they were old and crippled? hmm....lalala~
i dont know. different people, different definitions.

but here's my little thought;
true love is a love that keeps you standing and strong. love that keeps you going. love that makes you think. love that makes you sacrifice. love that makes you give much more that what you take. love that makes you rational. love that produces all those sifat mahmudah we learnt in Darjah Satu: sabar, penyayang, tenang, lembut hati, yakin, semangat, rajin. the list goes on. 

love between a man and a woman is a blessing by Allah. everybody knows that. here's a reminder again, in case you've forgotten. :)

And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

and so the best intention to start with is always to pray that it lasts till Jannah right? but the fact of the matter is, along the way, one will leave first. (in most cases, if not all). so what happens then?

in my opinion, i believe that a true love will keep the one left behind, stronger. when he or she will strive even harder to reach that Place, while believing and insyaAllah praying that the one who has left has already reached our Creator.

we have stories to prove this too. :) of true love. it's like the love between Khadijah R.A and our beloved Prophet. when  their love keeps him strong; when she was with him and especially when she was no longer with him. it's like the love between Aisyah and our Prophet. when their love prevails as she went on to teach others what Rasulullah had taught her. proving that's how much she loved Rasulullah. :)

that's true love. when the memories of the one who left are not just memories, but they live on in the heart of the one left behind; making him/her a better person.

so as much as the lyrics are somewhat true, because undeniably nobody wants to be left behind. but it's something everybody has to face sooner or later. sometimes we may leave a loved one by choice, but there will definitely be a time where we would leave them without choice. and if that time comes, i wish he (future he. heheh) will be stronger in the path towards His Redha; and not crumble instead. only then will it proves that it's the True Love we were looking for in the first place.

nevertheless, the key to the Heart is always His to start with.
but at least this is my idea of True Love.
what's yours?

may Allah bless these thoughts and prayers. 
i end my jiwang karat mode with this verse:

“Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal saleh, 
kelak Allah Yang Maha Pemurah akan menanamkan dalam (hati) mereka 
rasa kasih sayang.” 
(19: 96).



don't try looking for the song. the melody is as slimy as the lyrics. ugh. 
the only good side is it got me thinking deep. heh.


kak ita said...

kak ita rasa macam pernah dgr lagu tu! crumble kot tajuk die? indeed a very sappy melow song! mcm lah its the end of the world bila break up. heheh

izyan.ariff said...

@kak ita :)

haha~kannnn...terganggu yan with that song. ugh. sappy to the max. :P

kak itaa~ rindu mau pulang~ nti nk stay at ur house nk tlg flowerpaperwork!! :P *janji manis.haha*

arifputera said...

"Love is not about happiness, but 'will power' to challenge this world!" True Love

izyan.ariff said...


word :P heheh

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