Be still, Little Heart.


dear future-me.
be still, little Heart; be still.


when i see others who are running towards Him.
leaving so many things behind them.
i look at myself and a small hatred crept inside.
hating this slow pace of mine in this chase against Time.

but be still, little Heart; be still.
for Allah looks at the effort,
and the pace that is taking place;
not how fast or how slow it is.


when i see others accomplishing much.
whereas the things they and i do, are just the same.
envious. jealous. dont know which.
but sometimes that little heart says the words: 
"it seems unfair."

but be still, little Heart, be still.
istighfar and smile; are what you should do.
for you don't know what lies ahead in front you;
have you forgotten 2:216?
"and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you, 
and that you like a thing which is bad for you. 
Allah knows but you do not know." :)


when i see those who seems to have everything planned.
where things just miraculously falls into place.
where their hearts are settled.
and we would smile and be happy for others.
yet deep inside anxiously waiting for ours?

but be still, little Heart, be still.
remember that it's a promise He has always made.
ajal, rezeki/jodoh, amal, baik/buruk seseorang,
all are uncertain, how and when they will all happen.
but we are certain for the power of Doa, right?
and we are certain of how He Listens constantly to his Hamba, right?
so be still, Little Heart and never worry;
because the how and when will happen eventually.

so be still, Little Heart, be still.
Allah is with you,
and that is all that you need.
Here and definitely the After,
His Redha is what you should always seek.

with love,
the current-me. :)


Che Sakinah said...

your words speaks from the heart. its so beautiful. masyaAllah. terinsaf juga.

izyan.ariff said...

@che sakinah :)

huhu~ praises to Him. hopefully it reaches other hearts too :)

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